10 Aniversario de GNDR

May 2017 - May 2018 

Together with you, GNDR started its journey at the 1st Global Platform held in Geneva, Switzerland, 5-7 June 2007. Marked by this year's Global Platform in May in Cancun, GNDR reaches our 10 year anniversary of joint actions against disasters.

On the auspicious occasion, we would like to hear from you how you want us to celebrate this birthday. From the Secretariat, we are going to organise some events throughout the year. We will try to organise activities where members can participate. But, we would also love to know, if you, in your own capacity and within jurisdiction, would like to do something - may be a small birthday party at your organisation or organise an essay competition on DRR at your locality.

Pls do let us know if you have some specific idea on how to celebrate this. Do also let us know, if we from the Secretariat can be of any assistance. And for sure we will publicise your 10th Anniversary events in the website and on social media. For updates on the celebrations, please follow us through social media. A new hashtag (#10YearsTogether) is also introduced for Twitter on this occasion.


Happy Birthday to GNDR! Anniversary launch party in Cancun

On Thursday 25th May, around 50 GNDR members attending the México Global Platform in Cancun joined the Secretariat in a birthday party to mark the 10th Anniversary of the start of GNDR. We wanted to make every member in Cancun, but also those of you unable to attend, incredibly proud of the 10 years of joint action against disasters and the growth of a network of like-minded organisations and individuals. 

History of GNDR video

"How did it all start?", people ask us so often.

This video produced by the Secretariat is an account of the history of GNDR since its origins back in 2005 in Kobe, Japan, up to 2017 and the GNDR presence in Cancun. A celebration of the people that have worked hard for GNDR in the last 10 years to be a success and believed in our mission and shared our values. A particular thanks to the individuals and agencies that have supported financially GNDR in the past and are supporting currently our network.

The video can be watched from GNDR's YouTube channel and is available in English and Spanish. The English version is also available with subtitles in: French, Spanish and English.

10 Year Timeline online

An interactive webpage with the key headlines and images from the past 10 years of GNDR. Complementary to the “History of GNDR” video, the timeline shows footage, photos, headlines and documents along a timeline. [SOON AVAILABLE]

Looking Back & Looking Ahead

Short series of interviews recorded during the year, with different people connected to GNDR in different ways – Global Board members, staff, members, supporters. [SOON AVAILABLE]


Thanking you for staying with us for a decade, we look forward to celebrating this occasion with pride and pleasure.

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Historia de GNDR: 10 años juntos [Disponible también en inglés] Video: Inka Stafrace [Polly Tikkle Productions] / Jesus Cordero

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