Since forming in 2007, the GNDR has sought to increase the effectiveness of civil society to contribute towards the building of resilient nations and communities - putting the concerns, needs and priorities of vulnerable people at the heart of disaster risk reduction policy and practice. Focus has been on three core objectives in which GNDR is working hard towards reducing risk and increasing the resilience of the most vulnerable by:

  • Strengthening the way GNDR members work together
  • Enhancing engagement between civil society and other key stakeholders
  • Communicating the day-to-day reality of life for people most at risk.

All this translates into how GNDR, as a network, facilitates member's interaction, helps them with advocacy efforts on different platforms at all levels, and supports our organisations working at the frontline with local risk profiles, and the implementation of action and learning programmes. See the links in the menu on the right hand side to discover GNDR current main lines of work.


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L’institutionnalisation de la Gestion des Risques de Catastrophes de Base Communautaire Durable (GRCBC) est un projet financé par USAID/OFDA, coordonné par le Secrétariat de GNDR, mis en œuvre par les membres de GNDR. Elle a pour but d’institutionnaliser la GRCBC en identifiant l’environnement politique, financier ou social favorable nécessaire, en renforçant la capacité des acteurs à travailler ensemble pour mettre en place ces composantes fondamentales et en accroissant l’engagement politique…
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