Members List

This is a list of GNDR's FULL member organisations. ASSOCIATE members are not displayed here. For privacy reasons we only publish publicly available data for our members or data for which we have consent based on the GNDR privacy policy. To contact a particular organisation, please email or phone the relevant Regional Development Coordinator for that region. The list is organised by region and country.



  • Barbados

    Barbados Association of NGOs

  • Cuba

    Consejo de Iglesias de Cuba

  • Dominican Republic

    Habitat for Humanity; Servicio Social de Iglesias Dominicanas

  • Haiti

    Action Secours Ambulance; Association Haitienne pour la Promotion des Handicapes; Fondation Eddy Mesidor pour le Developpement; Initiative Citoyenne du Nord-Ouest pour la Democratie et le Developpement; Réseau des Volontaires pour la Promotion de la Démocratie et du D♪veloppement d'Haiti; Union des Amis Socio Culturels d'Action en Developpement

  • Jamaica

    Construction Resource & Development Centre

Central America

  • Costa Rica

    Habitat para la Humanidad; World Animal Protection

  • El Salvador

    Asociacion de Proyectos Comunales de El Salvador ; Centro de Protección Para Desastres; Concertación Regional para la Gestión de Riesgos; Fundacion Maquilishuatl; Fundación para el Desarrollo Comunal y Municipal; Fundación Salvadoreña para la Promoción Social y el Desarrollo Económico; Habitat for Humanity; HABITAT PARA LA HUMANIDAD EL SALVADOR; Instituto de Investigación, Capacitación y Desarrollo de la Mujer; International Association of Emergency Managers El Salvador; Mesa Permanente para la Gestión de Riesgos; Oxfam America; PRO VIDA, Asociación Salvadoreña de Ayuda Humanitaria; Red de Ambientalistas en Accion

  • Guatemala

    Alianza por la Resiliencia; Asociación Coordinadora Comunitaria de Servicios para la Salud; Asociación para la Educación y el Desarrollo; Asociación Unidos por La Vida; Cáritas, Diócesis de Zacapa; Comunidades Cristianas de Apoyo; Convergencia Ciudadana para la Gestión de Riesgos; Fundación Ecuménica Guatemalteca "Esperanza y Fraternidad" ; Fundación Guatemala; Mesa Forestal y Ambiental de Huehuetenango; Observatorio Ciudadano para la Gestion Integral de Riesgos - Guatemala

  • Honduras

    Asociación de Organismos No Gubernamentales; Asociación para una Sociedad Más Justa; Comisión de Acción Social Menonita; Comite de Emergencia Garifuna de Honduras; Cruz Verde Hondureña; Mesa Nacional de Incidencia para la Gestion de Riesgos; Organismo Cristiano de Desarrollo Integral de Honduras ; Organizacion Para el Desarrollo de Corquin; Unión de Empresas y Organizaciones de Trabajadores del Campo Regional Indígena y Campesina La Paz

  • Mexico

    Centro Machilia para la Investigación y el Desarrollo Educativo; Conservación del Territorio Insular Mexicano; Consultoría Social Integral Vinni Cubi A.C.; Redescubre A.C.; Yo Soy Proteccion Civil

  • Nicaragua

    Centro Alexander von Humboldt; Centro Intereclesial de Estudios Teológicos y Sociales ; Cooperación Suiza en America Central; Federacion Luterana Mundial; Fundación Orlando Robleto Gallo; Mesa Nacional para la Gestión de Riesgos; Movimiento Comunal Nicaraguense; Union Nacional de Productores Asociados

  • Panama

    Asociación Internacional de Clubes de Leones ; RET International; World Vision International

Central Asia

  • Armenia

    "SEG" Civil Society Support Center NGO; DRR National Platform Armenia; Oxfam GB Armenia; Regional Environmental Center for Caucasus

  • Georgia

    Black Sea Eco Academy; Caucasus Environmental NGO Network

  • Iran

    Disaster and Emergency Health Academy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences; Tehran Disaster Mitigation and Management Organization

  • Kyrgyzstan

    ACTED Kyrgysztan

  • Mongolia

    Center for Asia Pacific Partnership

  • Tajikistan

    ACTED Tajikistan; Centre for Climate Change and Disaster Reduction

  • Uzbekistan

    Tashkent Socio-Environmental Union HAYOT

East Africa

  • Burundi

    A B V Buterere Commune; Association pour la Promotion de l’Etat de Droit, des Droits de l’Homme; Center for Support to Local Initiatives Development and assistance to vulnerable persons; CENTRE D'APPUI AUX INITIATIVES LOCALES DE DEVELOPEMENT ET ASSISTANCE DES PERSONNES VULNERABLES ; Human Health Aid-Burundi; Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement; Réseau Burundi 2000 PLUS; Youth Strategy Disaster Reduction

  • Djibouti

    Ecologie du Village association

  • Ethiopia

    Concern Worldwide; CORDAID ; Development Expertise Center; Ethiopia Change and Development Association; Women Need Concern

  • Kenya

    Action Aid Kenya; Action for Sustainable Change; African Federation of Environmental Journalists; AfriWater Community of Practice; Association Paysanne Chemin Neuf Ennery ; Kamanga Rehabilitation and Resource Centre; Kenya National Young Farmers Association; Local Development Research Institute; Msambweni Human Rights Watch; Novelty Intervention; One Africa Kenya; Rural Education Focus; Tinada Youth Organization; Volunteers For Africa; World Vision Somalia; Young Africans Development Action

  • Rwanda

    Environmental Friends; Igire Rwanda Organization; Manadisaster Organization

  • Somalia

    Banadir Civil Society Network; Bani'Adam Relief and Development Organisation; Community Empowerment for Peace and Integrated Development; General Service Agency; Horn Aid Trust; Hunger Reduction International; Social Development Services ; Somali Disaster Resilience Institute; Somali Media for Environment Science Health and Agriculture; Somali Youth Development Network; Somalia Humanitarian Actions Research and Development Organization; Somalia Social Workers Association; Youth Employment Solutions

  • South Sudan

    Apt Succor Organization; International Medical Corps

  • Tanzania

    African Advocate Youth Platform; CTECO ; Envrionzine Africa ; Foundation for Energy, Climate & Environment; Hope Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship; Independence for Disabilities Organization ; Kwabada International Health and Social Welfare Service; MAA Foundation; Makangarawe Youth Information and Development Centre; Malika Healing Foundation ; Promotion of Education Link Organization ; Rural Women Development Initiative; Volunteer Universal; Women Promotion Centre; World Vision Tanzania; Youth Achievement Village in Tanzania; Youth Association for Change Network

  • Uganda

    African Women & Youth Action for Development; ChildFund; Children of Africa Uganda ; Coalition on Environment and Climate Change in Uganda; Community Restoration Initiative Project; Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Association; Fighting Poverty with Hands Initiative- Uganda; Foundation for Urban & Rural Advancement; Kapchorwa Civil Society Organization's Alliance; Katakwi District Development Actors Network; Makerere Women Development Association; Nakawa Women Development Council; River of Reach More Now Ministries Africa; Save the Children International; Slum Women's Initiative for Development; Sule Integrated Development Organisation; Support Transformation Effort Program; Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS

East Asia

  • China

    Green Camel Bell

  • Hong Kong

    World Federation of Occupational Therapists

  • Japan

    AYUS International Buddhist Cooperation Network; Church World Service Japan; Fukushima Beacon for Global Citizens Network; Institute for Global Environmental Strategies; International Medical Corps Japan; Japan CSO Coalition for Disaster Risk Reduction ; Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation; Japan Water Forum; NGO Little Bees International; Pal System Consumers' Co-operative Union; Peace Boat Disaster Relief Volunteer Center; Shanti Volunteer Association

  • South Korea

    Korea Disaster Safety Network


  • Albania

    World Vision Albania

  • Austria

    Four Paws International

  • Belgium

    Christian Blind Mission

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Association “Resource Aarhus Center in Bosnia and Herzegovina”

  • Denmark

    Emergency Architecture & Human Rights; Red Barnet

  • France

    ACTED France; Action Contre la Faim; CARE FRANCE; Development Workshop France; L'Aawoldiam Femmes; Public Services International

  • Germany

    Deutsche Welthungerhilfe e.V.; Deutsches Komitee Katastrophenvorsorge e.V.; Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe; TREEEC eG - RES:Q

  • Greece

    RSF Hellas

  • Italy

    Corpo Italiano di San Lazzaro

  • Moldova


  • Netherlands

    CARE Nederland; CORDAID; ICCO; Network on Humanitarian Action; Water Youth Network; ZOA

  • Norway

    Norwegian Refugee Council; Terram Pacis

  • Poland

    Apertus Group

  • Romania

    International Cultural Exchange; World Vision Romania

  • Serbia

    Aarhus Centre of South and East Serbia

  • Slovakia

    Habitat for Humanity

  • Spain

    Accion contra el Hambre; Instituto de Estudios sobre Conflictos y Acción Humanitaria; Nazioarteko Elkartasuna-Solidaridad Internacional

  • Sweden

    Diakonia; International Aid Services; Plan Sweden; PMU; Swedish Mission Council

  • Switzerland

    ACT Alliance; Caritas Switzerland; HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation; International Union for Conservation of Nature; RET International; Save the Children; Swiss NGO DRR Platform; WaterLex

  • Turkey

    BEŞİR SOSYAL YARDIMLAŞMA VE DAYANIŞMA DERNEĞİ; Disaster Preparedness and Earthquake Training Association; GEA Search and Rescue; Neighborhood Disaster Volunteers Foundation; Search and Rescue Association

  • United Kingdom

    Accounting for Sustainability; ADD International; Catholic Agency for Overseas Development; Christian Aid; Concern Universal; Concern Worldwide (UK); Cyan International; Disaster Preparedness and Response Team - Search and Rescue; Effective Education for Disaster Risk Reduction; Emergency Nutrition Network; Gender and Disaster Network; HelpAge International; IMC Worldwide; Institute of Development Studies; International Committee for Rehabilitation Aid to Afghanistan; Islamic Relief; MAF International; Overseas Development Institute; OXFAM GB; Plan International; Practical Action; RedR UK; Relief International; Rights International; Save the Children; Save The Planet; ShelterBox; Teaching Aids at Low Cost; Tearfund; The Salvation Army International Emergency Services; WaterAid; Western Sahara Campaign; World Vision; Y Care International

North Africa

  • Algeria

    Association Ecologique de Boumerdes; Federation Nationale de Protection de l’Environnement

  • Egypt

    Arab Medical Union; Arab Network for Environment and Development RAED; Arab Office for Youth and Environment; LAS

  • Mauritania

    Association du Developpement et de la Promotion des Droits de l'Homme; Association Jeunesse Action Développement; Association pour le Developpement Integré du Guidimakha; ONG Agir en Faveur de l'Environnement; ONG El Ghad Essihi pour le Développement et la protection de l'Environnement en Mauritanie; Réseau Conseil des ONGs Nationales d’Appui au Développement Durable Environnement Economique et Social; Reseau des Organisations sur la securité Alimentaire en MAURITANIE; Solidarité & Développement Durable

  • Morocco

    Club Marocain pour l'Environnement et le Développement

  • Sudan

    Sudanese Environment Conservation Society

  • Tunisia

    Association de Protection de la Nature et de l'Environnement de Kairouan; Association pour la Protection de l’Environnement et le Développement Durable de Bizerte; Association Tunisienne de Biosécurité et d'Éducation Environnementale ; جمعية صيانة المدينة والمحافظة على التراث بقليبية

North America

  • Canada

    Canadian Risk and Hazards Network; Cumulative Environmental Management Association; Norsouthed Cooperative Innovation Foundation; Safe America For Everyone; World Vision Canada

  • United States

    Alakaina Foundation; AmeriCares; Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation; California Institute of Environmental Design & Management ; Catholic Relief Services; Center for Urban Disaster Risk Reduction adn Resilience; ChildFund International; Church World Service; Detroit Rescue Mission; Diplomatic Society of St Gabriel; Enabling the Future; Food for the Hungry; GeoHazards International; Global Environmental Relief; Habitat for Humanity International; Health and Welfare Council of Long Island; Huairou Commission ; Humanity First USA; Initiative: Eau; Mercy Corps; Natural Resources Defense Council; Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability; Partnership for Inclusive Disaster Strategies; Risk RED; The Campaign for Safe Buildings; The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation; Women's Refugee Commission; World Cares Center


  • Australia

    ActionAid Australia; CARE Australia; Council on the Ageing Queensland; Oxfam Australia; Plan International ; RescueNet Australia; World Vision Australia

  • Fiji

    Foundation of the Peoples of the South Pacific International; Nadi Office for Youth & Women on Environment

  • Kiribati

    Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific Kiribati

  • New Zealand

    BANZAid; New Zealand Youth Delegation

  • Solomon Islands

    Oxfam Solomon Islands ; Solomon Islands Development Trust

  • Tonga

    Tonga Community Development Trust

  • Tuvalu

    Tuvalu Association of NGOs

  • Vanuatu

    Oxfam Vanuatu

South America

  • Argentina

    Arquitectos De Desastres - Sociedad Central de Arquitectos; CISP - Sviluppo dei Popoli; CONSEJO DE SEGURIDAD Y JUSTICIA DE LAS FAMILIAS - PUEBLO DE LA NACIÓN ARGENTINA; Fundación delALTO; Fundacion para la Integracion de Estrategias Profesionales; Hábitat para la Humanidad Argentina; Municipios frente al Cambio Climático; Nexo - Asociación Civil Comunicación para la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres; Organización de Bomberos Americanos

  • Bolivia

    AQUAVIDA; Centro de Asesoramiento para el Desarrollo Social; Soluciones Prácticas

  • Brazil

    Bagulhadores do Mió; CERT Brasil; Grupamento de Bombeiros Civis Voluntários - GBCV; Network Monitoring Citizen of Vitória ES Brazil; READAPT; Sustainable Development Institute - IDEST

  • Chile

    Asociaciación de Guías y Scouts de Chile; Asociación Chilena de Organismos no Gubernamentales; Asociación Chilena pro Naciones Unidas; Asociación Nacional de Radios Comunitarias y Ciudadanas de Chile; Bomberos Cochrane; Brigada de Protección Civil Emergencias y Telecomunicaciones ; Cáritas Chile; Centro Estratégico para el Desarrollo Sostenible; Comunidad de Historia Mapuche; Corporación de Estudios Sociales y Educación; Corporacion Nueva Acropolis Chile; Equipo Metodista de Ayuda Humanitaria Chile; Fundacion Alto Rio; Fundación Asperger Chile; Fundación Nacional para la Superación de la Pobreza; Fundación Social Equipo Metodista de Ayuda Humanitaria; Junta de Vecinos 4A - Villa Santa María del Sol - Comuna La Florida; ONG Inclusiva; Psicólogos Voluntarios de Chile; World Vision Chile

  • Colombia

    Confederacion Colombiana de ONG; Corporación Gestión del Riesgo Acción Integral; Corporación para la Gestión del Riesgo; Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios de Cucuta; Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios de Envigado; Defensa Civil Colombiana; Diakonie; EGS; ESPADES GESTIÓN DEL RIESGO PARA EMERGENCIAS Y DESASTRES ; Fundación Atuca; Fundación Azimuth; World Vision Colombia

  • Ecuador

    Fundación Humanidad y Desarrollo; Fundación para el Desarrollo Alternativo Responsable para Galápagos; Plan International

  • Paraguay

    Asociacion Tesai Reka Paraguay ; Construyendo Sociedad; Cuerpo de Bomberos Voluntarios del Paraguay; Global Infancia

  • Peru

    Asociación Ministerio Diaconal Paz y Esperanza; Centro de Estudios y Prevención de Desastres; Centro de Investigación y Acción para el Desarrollo Urbano; Cuerpo General de Bomberos Voluntarios del Perú; Electronic Communication & Information Exchange; Estrategia, Centro de Investigacion; Foro Ciudades para la Vida; Grupo Impulsor de la Gestión de Riesgos de Desastres; Habitat for Humanity; Instituto de Desarrollo Urbano; International Security and Safety Protection Professional Asociation; RAPID LA; REDULAC RRD; SEDYS-Trujillo; Soluciones Prácticas

  • Uruguay

    Agrupamiento de Escuelas Rurales Mburucuyá; Amigos del Viento Meteorología Ambiente Desarrollo; Centro de Estudios, Análisis y Documentación del Uruguay; Club Agrario La Juventud; Cooperativa de Asistencia Técnica Transdisciplinar; Cultura Ambiental; Red Uruguaya de ONG Ambientalistas

  • Venezuela

    Centro al Servicio de la Acción Popular; Frente Social de Vecinos Unidos con Propiedad AC; Fundación Amigos de Niños y Adolescentes; Fundacion Red de Solidaridad Ciudadana; Psicologos Sin Fronteras Venezuela; Sociedad Ecologica Conservacionista Aragua

South Asia

  • Afghanistan

    Afghanistan Disaster Preparedness Center; BRAC International; Coordination of Afghan Relief; International Medical Corps; Organization for Saving the Children and Empowering Women

  • Bangladesh

    Abdur Rashid Khan Thakur Foundation ; Action Contre la Faim; ActionAid Bangladesh; Bangladesh Disaster Preparedness Center ; Bangladesh Environment and Development Society; Bangladesh Labour Welfare Foundation; Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust; Bangladesh Nari Pragoti Sangha; Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication; Centre For Human Rights Movement; Christian Commission for Development in Bangladesh; Community Initiative Bangladesh; Concern Worldwide ; Deepti Bhuban; Democracywatch; Development Organization of Coastal Area's People; Dhaka Community Hospital Trust; Disaster Action and Development Organisation; Grameen Development Society; Green Cross Bangladesh; Heifer International Bangladesh; Helpage International; Integrated Development Association of Bangladesh; Integrated Social Development Effort; Islamic Relief Bangladesh; JAGO NARI; Krisoker Sor (Farmers' Voice); LAMB - Integrated Rural Health & Development; Muslim Aid UK Bangladesh Field Office; Network for Information, Response and Preparedness Activities on Disasters; Network of Community Based Organization Bangladesh; OXFAM GB; Participatory Development Action Program; Safety Assistance For Emergencies; Shelter; Simple Action For the Environment; Social Economic Development Society ; Solidarites International - Bangladesh; Voice of South Bangladesh; Wave Foundation; World Vision Bangladesh; World Youth Parliament

  • India

    Advanced Centre for Enabling Disaster Risk Reduction; Adventist Development and Relief Agency; All India Disaster Mitigation Institute; Anchalika Jana Seva Anusthan; Aniruddha's Academy Of Disaster Management; ARASMIN; Centre for Disaster Management; Centre for Disaster Risk Resilience; CHIKKA Federation of India; Christian Aid ; Church’s Auxiliary for Social Action ; Coastal Area Disaster Mitigation Efforts; Development Insights for Sustainable Action; Doctors for You; Environment Development Trust; Focus Humanitarian Assistance India; Gautam Buddha Jagriti Society; GeoHazards Society; Handicap International; Himachal Manav Seva; Huairou Commission; Indo Global Social Service Society; Inter Agency Group Odisha; Jeevanjyoti Welfare Society; Kissan Vikas Trust; Mahila Margadarshi; MARS Practitioner Network; Mission Bhartiyam; MOTHER SOCIETY; National Campaign on Dalit Human Rights; National Youth Service Action & Social Development Research Institute; Odisha Development Management Programme; Orissa State Volunteers and Social Workers Association; Oxfam India; Peoples Awareness and Legal Aid Movement; Power House Youth club; Rapid Response; Redemption Research For Health and Educational Development Society; Reliant Socio-Economic Development Organisaiton; Rural Care Ministries; Rural Development Organsation; RURAL RECONSTRUCTION ORGANISATION ; Samutthan Foundation; Saritsa Foundation; SEEDS India; Shanta Memorial Rehabilitation Centre; Social Development Society; Sphere India; SRUJANEE; Swayam Shikshan Prayog; True Inspiration; UDYAMA; Utkal Youth Association for Social Development; Woman & Child Welfare Society

  • Maldives

    Care Society; Huvadhoo Aid

  • Nepal

    AIN Task Group on Disaster Management & Climate Change; Center For Dalit Women; Community Rural Development Society-Nepal; Community Support Group Nepal; Dalit NGO Federation ; Dalit Welfare Association; DanChurchAid; Digo Bikas Institute; Disaster Preparedness Network Nepal; Disaster Reduction Nepal (DRN); Environment and Child Concern Organization-Nepal; Focus ED Nepal; Forum for Awareness and Youth Activity, Nepal ; Friends Service Council Nepal; Handicap International; Health Advancement Lab; Home and Life Foundation; Human Rights Social Awareness and Development Center; Innovative Youth Association; Integrated Effort For Development Nepal; Karnali Intregated Rural Development and Research Center; KIRDARC; Literary Academy for Dalit of Nepal; Mercy Corps Nepal; National Association of the Physical Disabled Nepal; National Disaster Management Network of Nepal; National Society for Earthquake Technology – Nepal (NSET); Nepal Grassroots Development Forum; OXFAM Nepal; Plan International Nepal; Practical Action; Rural Area Development Programme; Sajha Foundation; The Lutheran World Federation Nepal; Welthungerhilfe Nepal; Youth's UNESCO Club

  • Pakistan

    ACTED Pakistan; Actionaid Pakistan; Aga Khan Planning and Building Service; Aizan Development Foundation; Aizan Development Foundation; Al-Mehran Rural Development Organization ; Caritas Pakistan; Centre for Peace and Justice Pakistan; Community Development & Entrepreneurship Foundation; Community Development Foundation; Community Initiatives for Development in Pakistan; Community Research and Development Organization; Community World Service Asia; Concern Worldwide; Development of Institution & Youth Alliance (DIYA); Disaster Research Institute; Doaba Foundation; Ecumenical Commission for Human Development; Fast Rural Development Program; Foundation for Rural Development; Foundation for Urban & Rural Development; Friends of Environment and Development; Fundamental Human Rights & Rural Development Associatio; Fundamental Human Rights & Rural Development Association; Hope and Transformation against Poverty; HOPE'87 Pakistan; Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation ; Huqooq-ul-Ebad Development Foundation; Initiative for Development and Empowerment Axis; Initiative for the Participatory Development Through Peace; Islamic Relief Pakistan; Jerusalem Development Society; Johanniter International Assistance; Justice, Aid, and Development (JAD) Foundation; Literate Pakistan Programme.; Lok Sanjh Foundation; Milestone; Motto to Empower Health, Education & Rights; National Integrated Development Association; National Rural Development Program; Neelab Children & Women Development Council Rajapur; Network of Disaster Management Practitioners; Network of Disaster Management Practitioners; New World Hope Organization; ORCHID; Organizing Action Towards Humanity; Oxfam Novib; Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum; Pakistan Friends Foundation; Pakistan Village Development Program; Participatory Development Initiatives ; Participatory Rural Development Society; Pattan Development Organisation; RADO ; Resilience Group; Root Work Foundation; Royal Pillars Welfare Foundation; Rural Development Association ; Rural Development Policy Institute; Rural Support and Development Foundation; Rural Support Programmes Network; Sachai Social Welfare Association; Saharo Welfare Organization; Save the Future; SERVE FOUNDATION; Shah Sachal Sami Foundation ; Sindh Community Foundation; Sindh Rural Support Organization; SirSyed Welfare Society; Social Welfare and Empowerment Development Organization ; Society for Education and Development; Society for Environmental Actions Re-Construction and Humanitarian Response; Society for Human Advancement and Just Reforms; Society for Human Rights and Prisoners Aid; Solidarites International; SSD; State Development Organization Pakistan; Sustainable Environment and Development Foundation; Tabeer Welfare Society; Takal Welfare Organization; THAR; United Rural Development Organization; Watan Development Organization; Youth Association for Development; Youth for Human Rights Pakistan; Youth in Action Balochistan

  • Sri Lanka

    Duryog Nivaran; Federation of the Visually Handicapped; GreenLife Sri Lanka; Janathakshan; Practical Action

South East Asia

  • Cambodia

    ActionAid International; Save the Earth Cambodia

  • Indonesia

    Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund ; Bangun Indonesia Foundation; Cáritas Indonesia; Indonesian Volunteer for Humanitarian; Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change; JARI; LEARN Foundation; Masyarakat Relawan Indonesia; People Crisis Centre Aceh; Rabsa Aceh Utara; Resilience Development Initiative; YAKKUM Emergency Unit

  • Laos

    Poverty Reduction and Development Association

  • Malaysia

    Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network; Malaysian Medical Relief Society; MERCY Malaysia

  • Myanmar

    Agency for Basic Community Development ; Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development; Ashoka Social Development Association; Asian Disaster Preparedness Center; Church World Service; Community Development Association; Lanthit Foundation ; Mainstreaming Adaptation, Resilience and Sustainability into Development and Daily life; MGRI; Myanmar Consortium for Community Resilience; Myanmar Enhancement to Empower Tribal; Myanmar Green Resource Indicator; MYANMAR PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL WORKERS ASSOCIATION; Plan International Myanmar; Rhododendron Integrated Development Association; Social Actions for Communities Change; Youth Life Formation Center Alumni Network Group

  • Philippines

    A2D Project - Research Group for Alternatives to Development Inc.; Build Change; Buklod Tao, INc.; Cabadbaran City Civil Society Organization Network; Center For Conscious Living Foundation Inc.; Center for Disaster Preparedness Foundation Inc.; Center for Social Concern and Action; Center for Social Concern and Action ; Central Cebu River Basins Management Council; Citizens Disaster Response Center; Consortium for People's Development-Disaster Response; DAMPA Federation of Peoples Organizations; Disaster Aid Community Emergency Response Guard.Inc; Disaster Risk Reduction Network-Philippines; Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative; Ecosystems Work for Essential Benefits; Enggana; International Institute of Rural Reconstruction; Islamic Relief Worldwide; Partners for Resilience; Saint Bernard Disaster Risk Reduction - Youth Environmentalist Society; Tri-People's Organization Against Disasters Foundation, Inc.; UP Planning and Development Research Foundation, Inc

  • Thailand

    ACTED Thailand; Asian Disaster Preparedness Center; Church World Service; Foundation for Older Persons' Development; Sustainable Development Foundation

Southern Africa

  • Lesotho

    Environmental Care Lesotho Association

  • Madagascar

    CARE International Madagascar; Couleurs Du Monde - Mahajanga; Malagasy Lutheran Church Health Department; Réseau Climat Océan Indien; The Partnership for Disaster risk reduction Advocacy in Madagascar

  • Malawi

    Action for Environmental Sustainability; Centre for Climate Change and Environment Management; Centre for Youth and Development; Civil Society Network on Climate Change; Sustainable Rural Growth and Development Initiative; Urban-Rural Research and Advocacy Centre; Youth Action in Relief and Development

  • Mauritius

    Association pour le Developpement Durable (ADD); Environmental Protection & Conservation Organisation

  • Mozambique

    Conselho Cristao de Mocambique; Conselho Cristao de Mocambique

  • Namibia

    Community Empowerment and Development Association

  • South Africa

    African Centre for Disaster Studies; AHEAD-GLTFCA Programme; Community Initiative for Social Enhancement; Disaster Management Institute of Southern Africa; Gender and Disaster Network Africa Region; Greenpeace; Mercy Networks; Organisation of African Youth; Rural Support Service

  • Swaziland

    Christian International Swaziland; Kejibaus

  • Zambia

    Disaster Management Training Centre; Initiative On Climate Change, Agriculture and Water; Jubilee Centre

  • Zimbabwe

    ACTION24; Charitable Foundation for Development; Disaster Rescue and Humanitarian International Force; International Rescue Committtee; Practical Action; Southern Africa Society for Disaster Reduction; Zimbabwe United Nations Association

West Africa

  • Benin

    ALIDé; Education pour une Jeunesse Prospère; Ehuzu Africa International; Intellectual Decision on Environmental Awareness and Solutions; International Campaign for Freedom and Peace; Jeunesse Unie pour le Progrès et le Développement; ONG JVE-BENIN; Water and Youth Network; West Africa Network for Peacebuilding

  • Burkina Faso

    Association African Solidarité Burkina; Association SOS Santé et Développement; EducommunicAfrik; Fondation AVEC; Prolinnova; Réseau MARP Burkina

  • Cameroon

    Appui pour la Protection de l'Environnement et le Developpement; Association Camerounaise De Développement Rural; Association pour la Solidarité des Forestiers et Environnementalistes; Cameroon League for Development; Carre Geo & Environment; Center for Development Research; Center for Research Education and Resources Distribution to the Rural and Underprivileged People; Community Initiative for Human Advancement; Forests, Resources and People; Foundation of Applied Statistics and Data Management; Geotechnology Environmental Assessment and Disaster Risk Reductions; Ligue pour la Didactique de l'Education relative à l'Environnement; Pan African Disaster Relief Services; Pan African Institute for Development Studies; World Organization for Early Childhood Education Cameroon

  • Cape Verde

    Young Sustainable Development Solutions

  • Central African Republic

    Groupe d'Action,de Paix et de Formation pour la Transformation; Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement Centrafrique

  • Chad

    FOJEPRET; Lead Tchad

  • Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Association Paysanne pour l’Autosuffisance Alimentaire ; Bureau of Information Training Ressearches and Exchanges for Development; CENTRE DE DEVELOPPEMENT RURAL ET DE LUTTE CONTRE LA MISERE; Christnet Congo; Coalition Nationale des Organisations des Volontaires pour le Développment Durable; CongoInThePicture; Convention des Chretiens pour le Developpement; Forum des Organisations Nationales Humanitaires et de Développement en République Démocratique du Congo; Réseau Communautaire pour le Pauvre; Reseau des ONGD du Secteur Social

  • Gambia

    Children and Community Initiative for Development; IT Association of the Gambia Basse Chapter; Lifeskills Initiative for Youth Empowerment and Development ; St. Joseph's Family Farms Centre; Wuli and Sandu Development Agency; Young Volunteers for the Environment

  • Ghana

    Abibimman Foundation; African Call Institute; Albdols Enterprise Ghana; Association of Churches in Disaster Risk Reduction; Bright Generation Community Foundation; Christ Soldiers Foundation; Community and Family Aid Foundation; ECOWAS Youth and Citizen League; Federation of Youth Clubs; Foresight Generation Club; Global Media Foundation ; Grassroots Sisterhood Foundation; HOPE CARE FOUNDATION; Presbyterian Relief Services and Development; Regional Advisory Information & Network Systems; Samuel Wellinton Botwey Foundation; Sunyani East Rown Development Committee; TAJAF FOUNDATION; The Development Institute; Young Volunteers for Environment

  • Guinea

    Agence Humanitaire Pour Le Development; Carbone Guinee; Développement Pour Tous ; Institut d'Alphabétisation pour la Paix et le Développement; Jeunes Humanistes pour l'Education et le Développement de Guinée

  • Ivory Coast

    Actions des Jeunes Leaders pour l'Eveil des Consciences; Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement Côte d'Ivoire

  • Liberia

    Community Youth Network Program ; Liberians United to Expose Hidden Weapons; Welfare Association of NGOs; Youth Empowerment for Progress; Youth Partnership for Peace and Development Liberia

  • Mali

    Association de Formation et d'Appui au Développement; Association de Soutien aux Initiatives Communautaires; Association Malienne pour le Developpement, la Protection de l'Environnement et la lutte contre la Desertification; Coordination des Associations et ONG Féminines du Mali; Fédération Nationale des Collectifs d’organisations Féminines du Mali; Groupe de Coordination des Zones Arides; MUSONET-Mali; PEACE ONE DAY MALI; Reseau Des Femmes Pour Les Droits Environnementaux; Secretariat de Concertation des ONG Maliennes; Secrétariat de Concertation des ONG nationales du Mali; West African Science Service Center on Climate Change and Adapted Land Use; World Vision Mali

  • Niger

    Association de Development de Quartiers; Développement pour un Mieux Etre; Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement; Reseau de la Jeunesse Nigerienne sur les Changements Climatiques

  • Nigeria

    Abiodun Adebayo Welfare Foundation; Africa Centre for Citizens Orientation; African Youth Forum; African Youth Movement; Apurimac Onlus Organisation; Bakassi Environmental Management Initiative; Bege Foundation; Better Community Life Initiative; Building Better Africa Foundation; CAFSO-Women's Rights Action Group; Caritas Nigeria; Centre for Climate Change Research and Environmental Analysis; Centre for Disaster Risk and Crisis Reduction; Centre for Disaster Risk and Crisis Reduction; CENTRE FOR DISASTER RISK AND CRISIS REDUCTION; Centre for Global Solutions and Sustainable Development; Centre for Human Rights and Climate Change Research; Centre for Nonviolence and Gender Advocacy in Nigeria; Centre for Peacebuilding and Disaster Relief; Centre for Youth Initiative on Self Education; Childolescent and Family Survival Organization - Women's Rights Action Group for Development ; Children and young people living for peace; Children Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction; Christian Rural and Urban Development Association of Nigeria; Civil Society Action Coalition on Disaster Mitigation; Climate Change Network Nigeria; Community Disaster Awareness Initiative; Community Emergency Response Initiative; Connected Development; Development & Integrity Intervention Goal Foundation; Development Education and Advocacy Resources for Africa Initiative; Disaster Youth Network; Education as a Vaccine; Emergency Preparedness and Response Team; EZIODU INITIATIVE FOR SUSTAINABLE ENVIRONMENTAL DEVELOPMENT; Fortress for Family Health Initiative; Foundation for Environmental Rights, Advocacy & Development; Foundation for the Conservation of the Earth; Friends of the Needy Organisation; Global Movement for Refugee; Global Relief & Development Mission; GreenGrassMusic; Heart Foundation; Helping Hands for Women & Youth Support; Initiative Development Now; Initiative for Agricultural Intervention and Developmental Integration; International Centre for Peace, Charities and Human Development; International Foundation for African Children; Jomurota Community Care Initiative ; Men of Vision; Network Advancement Program for Poverty & Disaster Risk Reduction ; Niger Delta Network Advancement Programme; Nigerian Environmental Society; Nurses Across The Borders; Ohaha Family Foundation; Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation; Peace and Humanitarian Development Multy-Purpose Cooperative Society; Peace Corps of Nigeria; Positive Youth Network; Smiles Africa International Women and Youth Development Initiative; Society for African Safety and Development; Society for Development Accountability; Socio Economic Research and Development Centre; TeamCOBY-Nigeria; Universal Peace and Violence Amelioration Centre; Welding Pact; Women and Youth Development Initiative; Women Empowerment Initiative; Women Initiative for Peace and Good Governance; Youths Passion Initiative

  • Republic of the Congo

    Action Jeunesse pour le Développement; Alternative des Jeunes pour la préservation et la conservation des Ecosystèmes, de la Biodiversité et de l’Environnement pour le Développement Durable

  • Senegal

    Association Africaine pour la Promotion de la Réduction des Risques de Catastrophes; Association JCDS; Compassion Sans Frontieres; DELTA STATE COMMUNITY; Environment and Development Action; Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement Senegal; PACT Senegal; Shalom International

  • Sierra Leone

    Africa Youth Coalition Against Hunger - Sierra Leone ; Community Disaster Management and Emergency Response Team ; Democracy and Development Associates-Sierra Leone ; Economic Justice Network Sierra Leone; Forum for the Development of Young People; Plan Sierra Leone; Reptile and Amphibian Program - Sierra Leone; Sierra Leonean Youth Agricultural and Community Development Organization; Water Sanitation and Hygiene Network; Youth Partnership for Peace and Development

  • Togo

    Alliance des Media pour l'Eau et l'Assainissement; Association des Jeunes Engagés pour l'Action Humanitaire; Association des Sapeurs-Pompiers Volontaires; Association des Volontaires pour l'Environnement Sain; Association des Volontaires pour la Paix, l'Environnement l'Education et le Tourisme; Association pour la Promotion des Activités de développement - International; Association Togolaise d'Etude de Recherche et d'Appui au Développement Humain Durable; AURORE INTERNATIONALE; Centre d'Action pour le Développement Rural; Centre d'Analyses et d'Initiatives pour le Developpement ; Centre d'Assistance aux Démunis et Orphelins; Centre International de Recherche-Action pour un Développement Durable; Complexe Agro-Pastoral-Echo des Jeunes Ruraux; Coordination des Journalistes Environnementalistes du Togo; Institut Africain de Development Social-Formation Togo; Jeune Chrétien en Action pour le Développement ; Jeunes Verts Togo; Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement Togo; Jeunesse Oeuvrant pour le Développement Durable; Le Réseau des Jeunes Francophones du Togo; Monde Volontaire au Développement; Nouvelles Alternatives pour le Développement Durable en Afrique; Organisation Pour l'Environnement et le Développement Durable; Pacifistes Sans Frontières; Plate Forme des Organisations de la Société Civile de Kloto; Réseau des Jeunes pour l'Environnement ; Solidarité et Aide par le Volontariat International pour la Reconstruction; Terre de la Jeunesse Culturelle; Women Environmental Programme Togo

West Asia

  • Iraq

    Society together to protect humans and the environment

  • Jordan

    Baituna for Social Development; Haah Future Society for Environment and Sustainable Development; Jordanian Humanitarian Resilience Society; Land and Human to Advocate Progress; Rights for Development Center; World Vision

  • Lebanon

    AMWAJ of Environment; Beam Of the Environmental Association; Development for People and Nature Association; Economic Funds and Abilities Development Association; Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace; Lebanon Eco Movement; Window To Environment Association; World Vision Lebanon

  • Palestinian Territory

    Agriculture Engineer Home Society; Al Khaledin Charity Association; Palestine Wildlife Society; World Vision

  • Syria

    Syrian Coast Society for Environmental Protection

  • United Arab Emirates

    Voices of the Poor UNITED Initiative

  • Yemen

    Innovation Establishment for Environment and Sustainable Development; Vision Youth Association

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