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Maynard Nyirenda, Executive Director of GNDR member Sustainable Rural Growth and Development Initiative (SRGDI) comments on the Urban ARK International Conference  held in Lilongwe, Malawi, 1-3 February 2016. 

Carlos Kaiser, Executive Director of GNDR member ONG Inclusiva reflects on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, 3rd December 2015. 

Bruno Haghebaert discusses why disability inclusion should be at the heart of all disaster risk reduction (DRR) work. 

“For tiny organisations like ours, networks are big gatherings, the big shoulders on which to find support on each other” says Gabriela Pignataro from Cultura Ambiental, about their reasons to be part of GNDR, but “I would like to inject more activity in the network” she says. Though the marked environmental calling of all Uruguayan GNDR members is not surprising, given the forward looking character of the country, there is always the question about why Cultura Ambiental wants to be part of GNDR, whose origins are well rooted in disaster reduction.

Some insights shared by GNDR member Nexo after their on-line campaign ”Disasters are NOT natural!” came to an end today.

"Inclusion is possible, inclusion saves lives" says Carlos Kaiser from ONG Inclusiva, in a call to action after the recent earthquake in Chile.

For two days, civil society organizations, members of GNDR and media professionals gathered in Tsevie (35 km far from Lomé, the capital city of Togo) to become better informed about the three main development negotiations in 2015..

The Sustainable Development Goals are now out. But how is resilience incorporated? Will the SDGs fill the shortcomings of the SFDRR? Does it pave the way for an ambitious Climate Change Agreement later this year? What should civil society do now? Lucy Pearson just about scrapes the surface on these questions and asks you to share your thoughts.

You have been there so many times. Sitting in a conference listening to the same old "blah blah" about how things need to change, but nobody actually saying how to make it happen. Not this time. This time I attended a conference that, refreshingly, discussed how we can move from words into action.

The history of resilience of people with disabilities after the heavy landslides in the north of Chile. Here is what the team at Inclusiva NGO found.

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