Trustees' Responsibility

GNDR currently has four UK Trustees. The trustees serve as GNDR legal custodians and have specific responsibilities for ensuring GNDR’s strategic objectives, work plans and budgets are compliant with the organisation’s charitable mandate and UK legal requirements, including the UK's Charter and Charities Law. 

The Trustees are legally liable for actions and funding allocations determined by the Global Board, so they have final approval, but recognising that they do not have an elected mandate, they should not vote on GNDR operational decision-making processes and only step in if there is a risk of legal non-compliance.

Specific Functions of GNDR Trustees

  1. Ensure risk management process are in place and are reviewed regularly
  2. Approval of statutory financial reports and accounts
  3. Appointment and oversight of audit reports to UK Governance bodies
  4. Approval of loans to manage cash flow
  5. If funding becomes short, agree with the Executive Director appropriate cost cutting measures
  6. Ensure other relevant legislation is followed, e.g. terrorist related legislation
  7. Ensure legal compliance with UK employment law, and employment law in countries where staff are substantively based
  8. Support the Global Board Chair in the appointment of the GNDR Executive Director as an employee of GNDR UK, including inputting in his/her performance appraisal
  9. Determine the appropriate salary levels for the GNDR Secretariat

Current GNDR Trustees

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Independent Consultant Rumana Kabir has a long track record as a development practitioner with a background in architecture and broad experience of working globally in conflict, emergency and development contexts. She has led disaster risk governance projects and undertaken many needs and capacity assessments, and designed programme strategies for various UN agencies, as well as for local and international NGOs, the private sector, academia, the government and international donors. Rumana…
Head of Humanitarian Support, Tearfund UK
Finance Director, Blackwell's Bookshops
Director & Principal, Explorer Consulting Ltd
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