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Group photo: Kuala Lumpur GNDR Global Summit 2018 Photo: Geoff Crawford

Spread across more than 100 countries worldwide, our membership in excess of 1,000 organisations [see note below] and 1,200 individuals in all regions share a vision: A vibrant, active, collaborative civil society supporting people and their communities, particularly poor and vulnerable groups, to prepare for, mitigate, respond to and recover from disasters, and adapt to hazards and a changing climate.

What brings our members together is being joined in the committment to working together, and engaging with partners and other stakeholders, to increase community resilience and reduce disaster risk around the world. GNDR operates through a global hub in London, England, and regional hubs, allowing better coordination within regions and developing regional positions.

Map of members countriesMany GNDR members are also part of other national and regional networks, alliances and associations, and they work for a broad range of civil society organisations ranging from

  • local or community-based groups
  • national and international NGOs
  • academic and research institutions
  • faith based organisations
  • organisations of volunteers
  • and more...

GNDR members enjoy access for free to GNDR's Community Platform, an interactive community where they can connect, collaborate, campaign,learn from each other and others, and support each other by sharing opportunities (events, training, funding and more).

To find out more about how to become a GNDR member and the multiple benefits of GNDR membership for organisations and individuals, please visit the Members section.


In 2018 GNDR carried out recategorisation of its types of membership in order to update its membership list. This requested Full Members to demonstrate that they are active civil society organisations and that they are committed at an organisational level to being a part of the GNDR network. Our membership now consists of 1036 member organisations that are active and engaged in GNDR’s activities. For more information on the process, outcomes and current membership categories visit Categories of membership post-2018.


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