Aims, Vision and Values


"Enable civil society to connect local to global and speak with a collective voice that drives action which reduces risk and increases the resilience of the most vulnerable."


"A world of resilient communities where vulnerable people are able to prepare for, mitigate against, recover from and adapt to hazards and a changing climate."

GNDR values and principles

GNDR members believe in the 'added value' and complementarity of working together to achieve shared objectives and goals by undertaking joint actions and mutual support. The interaction between members is guided by shared values of trust, mutual accountability; gender equity; a respect for diverse identities, perspectives and beliefs; a commitment to inclusion and participation; and an openness to sharing and learning to build consensus and mutual understanding.

GNDR welcomes applications for Full Membership from all civil society organisations and affiliated individuals who can comply with the above.

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Global Network of Civil Society Organisations
for Disaster Reduction
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