Fundraising Coordinator [CLOSED]

[This position closed on October 19th, 2017] GNDR is looking for an ambitious and persuasive person to join its Secretariat and lead the development of an effective fundraising strategy, aimed at securing a sustainable long term financial base to support the realisation of GNDR’s strategy whilst maintaining independence of action. This is a full-time position.

Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)

Our Purpose

GNDR was established in 2007 as a voluntary network of civil society organisations, associations and individuals who are committed to working together, and engaging with partners and other stakeholders, to increase community resilience and reduce disaster risk around the world. The network is vibrant and fast growing, presently consisting of 850 member organisations in over 140 countries across virtually every geographical region of the world.

The network is supported by a small but effective Secretariat team comprising of UK and regionally-based staff. The Secretariat is legally constituted as a UK charity with the main responsibilities of facilitating the development, coordination and implementation of strategy, work plans and budgets, including supporting the mobilisation of adequate resources.

As GNDR works grows in scale and impact, we are looking for an ambitious and persuasive person to join the secretariat and lead the development of an effective fundraising strategy aimed at securing a sustainable long term financial base to support the realisation of GNDR’s strategy whilst maintaining independence of action. There is a unique opportunity to make a valued contribution to an innovative and rapidly growing civil society network. The selected candidate must be able to demonstrate a proven track record in fundraising.

Position in Organisation:

  • Responsible to the Programme Manager
  • Part of the Secretariat team and active participant in cross-team working groups
  • Works in close collaboration with GNDR Secretariat staff (particularly Finance / Grants staff), Global Board, membership, donors and partners
  • Represents GNDR with donor organisations, partners and other fund managers

Overall Scope of the Role:

  1. Fundraising Strategy
  2. Donor Knowledge and Relationships
  3. Funding Proposals / Grant Applications
  4. Grant Management and Reporting
  5. Advice, Training and Capacity Development

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The remit of this post will cover the following core tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Financing Strategy
  • In close consultation with Secretariat staff, Global Board, members and donors, lead the development and implementation of GNDR financing strategy to secure and manage an adequate, sustainable and predictable financial base to support the implementation of GNDR’s “Stronger Together” strategy and associated work plans.
  • Communicate and promote GNDR financing strategy to encourage a spirit of fundraising amongst GNDR staff, board and wider membership.
  • Develop and implement plans to support members in their fundraising 
  • Engage with Secretariat staff at UK and regional levels, offering proactive support and advise to help set realistic income targets for donor sources and anticipate co-funding requirements
  1. Donor Knowledge and Relationships
  • Develop and maintain strong working relationships with existing and potential institutional donors, private foundations, trusts, corporates and/or partner organisations at head office and regional levels, maintaining relationships with regular visits and interactions
  • Develop a range of networking contacts and keep abreast of development within the institutional funding sector, including with peer agency counterparts
  • Research and horizon scanning for new donor opportunities, analyse donor trends and maintain relevant knowledge on donor priorities, rules and legislative requirements.
  • Research possible online / web-based funding opportunities from interested  individuals (i.e. crowd sourcing)
  • Research opportunities and develop new relationships with trusts and foundations
  • Identify best options and engage with private sector under corporate social responsibility and/or cause-related marketing programmes
  • Maintain knowledge of current fundraising procedures and legislation affecting fundraising activities within the charitable sector
  • Join relevant fundraising networks / alliance and attend fundraising and marketing events
  • Support regional staff with the development of strategic relationships with in-country / regional donor offices
  1. Fundraising Proposals  / Grant Applications
  • Track and disseminate donor calls for proposals
  • In close consultation with GNDR staff and members develop and submit high quality funding applications to relevant donors and resource providers  at national, regional and global levels
  • Check proposals and applications (narrative and financials) prior to submission to ensure they are of a sufficient quality and donor compliance
  • Track and monitor the outcomes of applications to ensure funding proposals are fully considered by donors and relevant data is provided
  • Analyse and disseminate the reasons for success or failure and corrective action necessary to improve the success rate of future funding applications
  • Support and guide regional-based staff in the above tasks
  • Optimise relevant pages on GNDR website to engage individual donors
  • Research options for GNDR membership subscription scheme informed by membership re-categorisation initiative
  1. Grant Management and Reporting
  • In collaboration with the Finance team and relevant Secretariat staff, coordinate and assist with the management of a portfolio of donor-funded contracts
  • Support the preparation and submission of high quality donor progress reports (narrative and financial)
  • Assist in the monitoring of donor income and disbursement requirements in accordance with donor criteria and contract requirements deadlines
  • Assist with donor reporting, monitoring and evaluation requirements and coordinate with project staff to ensure timely and high quality submissions of interim / final reports and corresponding payment requests
  • Main contract information, filing of emails, electronic documents and hard copies to fulfil internal and external auditing requirements
  • Assist with quality assurance and risk management, including support to external / internal audits and implementation of recommended actions in accordance with required timetables.
  1. Advise, Training and Capacity Development of Staff and Members
  • Provision of advice, training and capacity building support to enhance the fundraising and grant management capacities of GNDR staff and members at national, regional and global levels.
  • Provision of regionally-appropriate advice, training and  good practice / knowledge products to GNDR regional-based staff and members to support greater ownership and regionalisation of GNDR financial base (including legal registration processes)
  • Ensure GNDR staff have the relevant financial and programmatic tools and processes to ensure compliance with donor priorities, rules, regulations and compliance requirements

Person specification

A complete person specification including attributes and skills considered essential and/or desirable, with regard to qualifications, experience, skills, abilities and personal qualities, pdfcan be downloaded here, including terms of employment.

Only candidates who are currently eligible
to reside and work within the UK should apply.

To apply

To apply, please email a letter and resume (CV) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject “Fundraising Coordinator”. Phone / Skype and/or face-to-face interviews will be arranged for short-listed candidates on a rolling basis. Only candidates chosen for interviews will be contacted.

Position will be held open until filled.


Please download the following for a list of specific duties and responsibilities, a detailed person specification of essential and desirable attributes/skills, as well as terms of employment:


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