Network Development Manager [CLOSED]

[This position closed on October 19th, 2017] GNDR is looking for a person with a natural ability to think, plan, prioritise and organise in a clear and structured way, flexibility and problem solving skills, capable of working in a flexible and dynamic environment, comfortable in cross-cultural communications, and strong presentation, communication and facilitation skills, with a willingness to learn and open to new ways of working. This is a full-time position.

Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR)

Our Purpose

GNDR was established in 2007 as a voluntary network of civil society organisations, associations and individuals who are committed to working together, and engaging with partners and other stakeholders, to increase community resilience and reduce disaster risk around the world. The network is vibrant and fast growing, presently consisting of 850 member organisations in over 140 countries across virtually every geographical region of the world.

The network is supported by a small but effective Secretariat team comprising of UK and regionally-based staff. The Secretariat is legally constituted as a UK charity with the main responsibilities of facilitating the development, coordination and implementation of strategy, work plans and budgets, including supporting the mobilisation of adequate resources.

As GNDR works grows in scale and impact, we are looking for a person with a natural ability to think, plan, prioritise and organise in a clear and structured way, flexibility and problem solving skills, capable of working in a flexible and dynamic environment, comfortable in cross-cultural communications, and strong presentation, communication and facilitation skills, with a willingness to learn and open to new ways of working. There is a unique opportunity to make a valued contribution to an innovative and rapidly growing civil society network. The selected candidate must be able to demonstrate a proven track record in the development and coordination of civil society networks and implementing capacity strengthening programmes.

GNDR's Strategic Objectives

GNDR's “Stronger Together” strategy 2016-2020 has three mutually reinforcing objectives:

  1. Increase the impact of civil society in influencing policies and practices at local, national and international levels
  2. Enhance the collaboration capabilities of civil society and cooperation with other stakeholders
  3. Strengthen the creation, analysis and sharing of knowledge, information and practices

Main purpose of the role:

The Network Development Manager is a senior member of the GNDR Secretariat which serves the wider membership through a global hub office in London, UK and regional hubs in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Towards the realisation of GNDR’s strategy “Stronger Together”, the Network Development role encompasses a range of tasks and responsibilities designed to strengthen GNDR’s internal operational and governance capacities, including general support to GNDR regional hubs, together with support to new and existing civil society networks and platforms to improve their collaborative capabilities at national and regional levels.

Position in Organisation:

  • Part of the GNDR Secretariat senior management team
  • The position is line managed by the Executive Director
  • Responsibilities for the management, supervision and guidance of Regional Development Coordinators
  • Works in close collaboration with Secretariat staff, Global Board, Regional Advisory Groups and wider GNDR membership
  • Active participant in relevant cross-team working groups
  • Based in London office with strong linkages with the regions

Overall Scope of the Role:

  1. Operational Capacities
  2. Corporate Governance
  3. Network development
  4. Membership Management
  5. Partnerships and Alliances
  6. Events and conferences

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

The remit of this post will cover the following core tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Operational Capacities
  • Strengthen GNDR operational and administrative capacities, particularly the skills and capacities of regional hubs, to improve collaboration within and across regions and facilitation of GNDR programmes and activities undertaken by members
  • Support the planning of regional workshops, trainings and events to support the outworking of GNDR objectives
  • Assist in the development of materials and training resources to enhance the capacities of GNDR hubs
  • In conjunction with the Communications Coordinator, support the development of regionalised listservs, websites and interactive knowledge / communications portals.
  • Line management of Regional Development Coordinators responsible for the regional coordination and implementation of GNDR strategy, including prioritisation of team members tasks and activities
  • Establish and maintain healthy relationships and two-way communications with global and regional-based Secretariat staff, programme partners and donors.
  • Assist in the development, implementation, monitoring and reporting of regional operational plans, activities and associated budgets
  • Oversee hosting arrangements for regional offices, including MOUs, budgets and contractual arrangements
  • Active participant in relevant internal cross-team working groups
  • Ensure London-based staff are kept informed of regional developments, opportunities and challenges
  • Oversee legal registration in regional hub host countries
  1. Corporate Governance
  • Establish and maintain good working relationships with GNDR regionally-appointed Global Board members
  • Work with Board members to strengthen and enhance representative governance structures and processes at global, regional and national levels
  • Oversight and support for the establishment of functioning Regional Advisory Groups in close consultation with the Global Board and wider membership
  • Contribute to the preparation and dissemination of periodic regional updates, briefing notes and progress reports relevant to the regional context
  1. Network Development
  • Manage the mapping of regional state and non-state stakeholders networks, platforms and associations
  • Manage the undertaking of needs / capacity assessments of GNDR members and relevant regional / national civil society networks, associations and alliances
  • Manage GNDR’s collaborative capacity strengthening of members, including regional / national DRR networking capacities (strategy; leadership / management; governance; communications; resource mobilisation; membership services; knowledge management; etc ), particularly in countries / regions with under-development infrastructure
  • Support the establishment of new regional / national networks and platforms
  • Support regional fundraising efforts by the Fundraising Coordinator and other staff
  1. Membership Management and Support
  • In close consultation with the Communications Coordinator, encourage and support interaction and two-way communications across and between regional-based membership and Secretariat / Board
  • Ensure global and regional enquiries from interested parties and applications from potential members are dealt with in a timely and effective manner
  • Support the ongoing improvements to the membership registration and re-categorisation processes
  • Assist with the overall development and maintenance of accurate and relevant members regional databases and distribution lists
  • As required, support the development and implementation of a membership subscription systems and associated invoicing / debt management issues
  1. Partnerships and Alliances
  • Identify and facilitate collaboration and partnerships with other regional and thematic civil society and other relevant governmental stakeholders, networks, alliances and associations
  • Encourage and support the establishment of strong working relationships with global and regional-based stakeholders and allies, including national and local governments; UN agencies; institutional donors; development banks; academic & research bodies; media; partner organisations.
  • Assist in the positioning of GNDR as a “leading” resilience / DRR / development network supporting civil society to more effectively engage in issues of disaster prevention, resilience and sustainable development
  1. Events and conferences
  • Work with GNDR staff to assist in the general planning, organisation and coordination of major GNDR and stakeholder events, conferences and seminars
  • Encourage members to participate in relevant intergovernmental and non-governmental workshops / events at global, regional, national level

Person specification

A complete person specification including attributes and skills considered essential and/or desirable, with regard to qualifications, experience, skills, abilities and personal qualities, pdfcan be downloaded here, including terms of employment.

Only candidates who are currently eligible
to reside and work within the UK should apply.

To apply

To apply, please email a letter and resume (CV) to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject “Network Development Manager”. Phone / Skype and/or face-to-face interviews will be arranged for short-listed candidates on a rolling basis. Only candidates chosen for interviews will be contacted.

Position will be held open until filled.


Please download the following for a list of specific duties and responsibilities, a detailed person specification of essential and desirable attributes/skills, as well as terms of employment:


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