After First Day of the GNDR concultation in Den Hague

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After first day, I think that the GNDR might be in danger of slipping into the weary state of resignation to the 'art of the possible' expressed by the direction of UNISDR -- 'the HFA has "just begun", so let's not change to a new framework' (my paraphrase). OK, national governments have become used to the HFA and might find it inconvenient to change. But a definition of madness is to continue to do the same thing, continue to get bad results and just carry on!  The HFA fails to address root causes (underlying risk factors) such as corruption and and grabbing.  Are these 'underlying risk factors' really 'there' in HFA's Priority Area 4, as the UNISDR director asserts, only waiting to be 'pulled out'?  Are there really alien spaceships in Area 51.  Nonsense and more nonsense!

Let's not by cynical and weary.  Civil society must articulate goals.  So why not scrap the HFA and replace it with a binding treaty on the HUMAN RIGHT TO PROTECTION FROM AVOIDABLE HARD FROM NATURAL HAZARDS?

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