Rejoindre!Plus d'infoLe Réseau mondial des Organisations de la Société civile pour la réduction des catastrophes (GNDR) est le plus grand réseau international d'organisations qui se sont engagées à travailler ensemble pour améliorer la vie des personnes touchées par les catastrophes du monde entier.


DRR knowledge and resources focused on targeted actions and local needs.


A program that is only from that local populations threats they face


Civil society needs a leadership role in the implementation and monitoring frameworks for DRR.

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Krisoker Sor [Farmers' voice]

Krisoker Sor | "Our organisation relies on the power of the community to implement research based activities to influence DRR strategies at local, national, regional and global levels"
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drr-mapA web-based map linked to a global database displaying civil society DRR actors & aiming to strengthen the ability of the DRR community to collaborate, network, partner, share actions and knowledge within the sector and more widely with all concerned with building resilience.
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