Rejoindre!Plus d'infoLe Réseau mondial des Organisations de la Société civile pour la réduction des catastrophes (GNDR) est le plus grand réseau international d'organisations qui se sont engagées à travailler ensemble pour améliorer la vie des personnes touchées par les catastrophes du monde entier.

Report 1st Prep Comm meeting for 3rd WCDRR

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Major_Group_Pic_1A representation of GNDR members, among a party of 136 NGO Major Group representatives attended the first session of the Bureau of the Preparatory Committee for the 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction was held in Geneva 14-15th July 2014.We went there as co-organising partners, with the aim to read a statement on behalf of the NGO Major Group. The statement reflected the key messages outlined in a Joint Civil Society Position Paper that has been endorsed by more than 2,300 organisations, and in particular the need for:

  • Policy coherence across the post-2015 development discourse;
  • Including multi-stakeholders in the formal process; strengthening local capacities, particularly in relation to extensive “everyday” disasters;
  • Creating a framework that is built on the realities and needs of affected populations;
  • Recognising the roles, responsibilities, commitments and accountabilities of the different stakeholders.

The statement, read by María Verónica Bastías, was well received and reflected many of the Member States statements.

Here you can find a GNDR report with notes about:



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DRR knowledge and resources focused on targeted actions and local needs.


A program that is only from that local populations threats they face


Civil society needs a leadership role in the implementation and monitoring frameworks for DRR.

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