Communities Addressing Local Risks

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Working Session | 12.00-13.30 | Exhibition Hall 1

Communities Addressing Local Risks

Monday 16th March


GNDR, Practical Action, ADRRN

Many policies are developed without full consideration of real life on the ground in terms of the risks that communities face and the way that communities address these risks themselves. As a result, there is often a gap between national DRR policies and local-level practices. This has caused many DRR initiatives to be inappropriate and ineffective.

This is due to the lack of meaningful involvement of communities in the design, implementation and monitoring of DRR initiatives. Views from the Frontline surveys uncovered that community participation in decision making was one of the indicators of the Hyogo Framework for Action that saw the least progress. When communities are given the chance to have their say and the power to take lead and work in partnership with others, resilience can be built to the everyday disasters people feel on the ground.

Through good practice examples and other learning, this session will demonstrate the value added of community-led DRM and initiatives that build on community capacities, knowledge, resources, and experiences. Drawing from this learning, the session will then identify ways forward to ensure local governance capacities are enhanced in the implementation of the post-2015 DRR Framework, and that initiatives draw on community knowledge, capacities, resources and experiences.

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