Partnership Dialogue on Inclusive Disaster Risk Management

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10.00-13.00 Exhibition Hall 1
Tuesday 17th March,

Partnership Dialogue on Inclusive Disaster Risk Management

OrganisersGNDR, Disability Caucus, Plan International and the Children in a Changing Climate Coalition, Huairou Commission and the Community Practitioners' Platform, and the World Food Programme

It is widely acknowledged that marginalized groups are disproportionately impacted by disasters and have context specific and differentiated needs before, during and after a disaster. At the same time, these individuals and groups have unique knowledge and capacities to approach the wide range of interconnected risks in the complex contexts in which they are situated. They are often the first and only responders to the everyday risks they face, and have their own existing sources of resilience developed through extensive learning from real life experiences on the ground.

Only if the differentiated needs of these groups are taken into account and addressed, and their knowledge and capacities are built upon, can disaster risk management become appropriate and effective for society at large. This requires an inclusive approach to Disaster Risk Management (DRM), characterised by policies, programmes and partnerships that:

  • Provide formal space to bring perspectives and priorities of all stakeholders, in particular persons and groups subject to more risk, into public debate and decision making;
  • Engage and foster leadership of all actors, particularly those subject to more risk, at all stages of planning, implementation and monitoring of DRM.

This session will provide an opportunity for implementers to share good practices, emerging learning, and commitments towards collaborative approaches to risk management that facilitate the participation of all stakeholders, particularly those subject to more risk.

How can you participate?

  • Attend this session: This session is open to all those attending the WCDRR.
  • Not attending? Do you have briefs, background papers, reports, research findings, interviews, or videos that will support a better understanding of inclusive DRM? Share your resources at and you can help demonstrate the value of promoting inclusive approaches to DRM. Any materials or resources that you can share will be reviewed by the Co-Organisers and considered as part of the remaining development process for this High Level session.

For critical background reading for this session, please see this ODI paper.


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