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2nd November 2016 | Pre-conference event of the AMCDRR

Recognising linking and enhancing the power of leadership.

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22nd-25th November 2016 | Regional Platform 

GNDR together with Concern presents here its policy position on the UNISDR 6th Africa Regional Platform (AfRP). The AfRP is a biennial forum that brings together African Member States, intergovernmental organizations and development partners to review progress in the implementation of the continental and global disaster risk reduction frameworks.

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29th June 2016 | Workshop 

Report of the 1-day national consultative workshop on the Frontline programme in Nigeria and linking Frontline to post-2015 development frameworks.

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1st August 2016 | Training 

Sponsored training on aqua-culture for youths of Esit Eket L.G.A in Nigeria, hosted at a riverine risk zone in a flood prone community.

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GNDR ha convocado a un elenco de miembros y organizaciones de la sociedad civil de América Latina y el Caribe al Taller Latinoamericano RED GLOBAL – ACCIONES LOCALES con el objetivo de lograr un mayor impacto en la reducción del riesgo de desastres en la primera línea.

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6th December 2016 | Conference-Workshop 

A Face-to-Face (F2F) event organized by the Swiss NGO DRR Platform to bring in different perspectives from a number of practitioners and experts to shed light on disaster risks in urban areas and provide insights into different approaches and practices in urban DRR and resilience building.

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GNDR keeps working hard to open more space for civil society to take part on the global and regional processes leading to the national implementation of the SFDRR. Many GNDR members attended as observers the High Level Ministerial Meeting on the Implementation of the Sendai Framework in the Americas that took place in Asunción (Paraguay) the 8th-9th of June.

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19th-21st April 2016 | Global Network - Local Action 

This webpage provides information previous to the 3rd GNDR Global Summit to happen in April 19-21 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand. Here you can find out more about the event, its objectives, who will attend in person and options to follow the event.

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23rd-24th May 2016 | World Humanitarian Summit

On 23 - 24 May 2016 world leaders meet in Istanbul to stand up for our common humanity and take action to prevent and reduce human suffering. GNDR Members and Secretariat will be there as co-organisers of a side-event and presenting the results of the #365disasters campaign! Find in this page live updates on this side event, discussions, as well as blogs and other events from GNDR members.  

19-21 Avril 2016 | Réseau mondial - Action Locale

Cette page Web est le portail de la 3e édition du Sommet mondial de la GNDR. Vous y trouverez toutes les informations informations sur l'événement, ses objectifs, la liste des participants et les options fournies pour la participation en ligne. Utilisez les liens ci-dessous pour télécharger les principaux documents avant, pendant et après le sommet.

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