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Working Session | 10.00-11.30 | Hagi Hall

Underlying Risk Factors

Monday 16th March

Organisers: GNDR, International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT, Government of Japan), PSAG representative, UNESCO, UNDP, UNU, WMO, UNISDR

Over the 10 years of HFA implementation countries report most challenges in addressing the underlying drivers of risk. These were subsumed under the Priority Area 4 of the HFA and in fact encompass a range of development issues, many of which lie outside of the traditional responsibility of disaster managers and risk specialists. The addressing of underlying risk factors is fundamental to reducing disaster risk.

The Working Session will provide an opportunity present and discuss concrete country and locality examples that clearly unpack different underlying drivers of risk and also show ways that these have been or will be addressed.

How you can participate?

  • Attend this session: This session is open to all those attending the WCDRR.
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Working Session | 12.00-13.30 | Exhibition Hall 1

Communities Addressing Local Risks

Monday 16th March


GNDR, Practical Action, ADRRN

Many policies are developed without full consideration of real life on the ground in terms of the risks that communities face and the way that communities address these risks themselves. As a result, there is often a gap between national DRR policies and local-level practices. This has caused many DRR initiatives to be inappropriate and ineffective.

This is due to the lack of meaningful involvement of communities in the design, implementation and monitoring of DRR initiatives. Views from the Frontline surveys uncovered that community participation in decision making was one of the indicators of the Hyogo Framework for Action that saw the least progress. When communities are given the chance to have their say and the power to take lead and work in partnership with others, resilience can be built to the everyday disasters people feel on the ground.

Through good practice examples and other learning, this session will demonstrate the value added of community-led DRM and initiatives that build on community capacities, knowledge, resources, and experiences. Drawing from this learning, the session will then identify ways forward to ensure local governance capacities are enhanced in the implementation of the post-2015 DRR Framework, and that initiatives draw on community knowledge, capacities, resources and experiences.

How can you participate?


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GNDR member, the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) is one of the organisers of the campaign On the Road to Sendai.  The campaign bridges the gap between civil society and world leaders; getting communities to emphasise what they want to see in the new framework. It looks at the success stories of HFA 1 with messages of what worked best in preventing, reducing and bouncing back stronger from disasters. It also attempts to de-mystify and widely circulate the concepts in HFA 2 to improve understanding primarily among the development sector, as well as the broader public.

For more information, visit

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Click to seen events and sessions in which ODI is involved at Sendai 

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We, NSET are happy to join in the events and processes set for WCDRR and we are also conducting the following sessions. We request all GNDR members their help to circulate/propagate this information and our sincere invitation to the GNDR community! Click to see our events. 

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GEADIRR is presenting the video "Technical and social risk knowledge in Cameroon" at Sendai. Click to read further details and WATCH THE VIDEO!!

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We are happy to invite the GNDR community to Islamic Relief Worldwide's side events at the 3rd WCDRR , Sendai, Japan! Click to see our events. 

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We send all GNDR members a heartfelt invitation to our Side Event "Beyond Inclusion: Empowering Women as Leaders in DRR", as well as sharing our Call for Action on Post 2015 Framework on DRR with GNDR colleagues. Click to see our events.  

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Freeing local people from top enforced pseudo development: Exploring their investable resources and checking the possibilities of partnership among them to implementing Post-2015 Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction. Click for details of the event!!

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Making Resilience a Reality: 20th-21st March 2013

The Global Network for Disaster Reduction invites you to participate in an international conference with the goals of:

  • Formulating recommendations for a post HFA framework based on the Views from the Frontline action research, regional and online consultations and conference workshop discussions
  • Agreeing a Joint advocacy strategy to put forward these recommendations at national, regional and international forums such as the forthcoming Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Establishing the next steps for Views from the Frontline with the launch of the Action and Learning research programme
  • Presenting the proposed new structure for governance of the Global Network for Disaster Reduction

Click here for details...



Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction - Third Session

The Global Network for Disaster Risk Reduction launched Views from the Frontline 2011 at this global conference in May 2011.  A key theme of the conference was ‘increased investment in local action'. Click here to find out more.





Views from the Frontline 2011 is about 'local risk governance' - People feel the situation is getting worse, not better!


Views from the Frontline 2009 is a unique perspective of the progress countries are making in preparing themselves for disaster.

Read Marcus Oxley’s paper on how the August 2010 floods badly affected development in Pakistan.



GNDR in the Press

If you want to help people affected by disaster, try talking to them:


Learning how to Build Back Better, by Terry Gibson:


Workshop on Disaster Reduction held in Yaounde

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