Webinar: The localisation of humanitarian action by grassroots organisations during Covid-19

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Organised by GNDR, Start Fund Bangladesh & Jago Nari

Date: 3 August 2020 
Time: 10 AM (GMT+1) / 4PM (BKK) / 3 PM (BD) / 6 PM (JPN) / 2 PM (DEL)
Where: Online webinar
Language: English

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Chair: Rouf M Abdur, Regional Coordinator, GNDR


  • Farah Kabir, Country Director, Action Aid Bangladesh & Chair, GNDR Global Board
  • Takeshi Komino, General Secretary, CWS Japan
  • Sajid Raihan, Country Manager, Start Fund, Bangladesh
  • Duke Ivn. Amin, Communication Director, Jago Nari



The ‘localisation agenda’ emerging from the World Humanitarian Summit process has highlighted four areas for focus: capacity strengthening, funding changes, coordination and measurement. Whilst there are a range of views as to what really constitutes ‘localisation’, the experience of GNDR members is that policies and practices must be informed by the realities on the ground, otherwise development will be ineffective and may even exacerbate threats and vulnerability further.

Communities most at risk and local civil society groups, who can amplify these local realities, are often not given the opportunity to play these leading roles. Since our launch in 2007, GNDR has been consistently campaigning for a greater local focus and our continually developing ‘Views from the Frontline’ programme has helped to sharpen this focus.

In Bangladesh, four grass-roots organisations formed a consortium and were awarded £250,000 GBP from Start Fund Bangladesh for Cyclone Amphan response activities, with special provision for WASH, awareness raising, and community-based disaster risk management. They also formed a consortium for their Covid-19 response. This is an example of where an international funding mechanism reaches out to local civil society organisations for direct programme implementation.

In this webinar an exploratory approach will be taken to discuss and unpack further the localisation agenda. Along with presenting a good case for discussion, perspectives of multiple actors will be presented.

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