Frontline National Workshop, India

There is no translation available.12th January 2016 | Workshop  A 1-day national workshop in Delhi on the theme Translating Global Frameworks to Frontline Resilience Action. Hosted by SEEDS and AADRR with support from GNDR, Christian Aid, CANSA, and ADRRN, its primary aims were to share the results of the Frontline programme in India and, to provide a national platform to all partners, networks and CSOs working on DRR, CCA, and development issues.

Sendai Spring

Sendai Spring est une campagne d’actions visant à changer le risque en résilience. Elle décompose les cadres mondiaux pour vous les rendre pertinents. GNDR s’est fait partenaire d’ADRRN, un membre asiatique du réseau, pour aider à diffuser mondialement la campagne.  

Collaboration agreement between ADRRN & GNDR

There is no translation available.At the GNDR Secretariat, we are happy to inform you that the Network has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN). The MoU agrees to cooperate on a wide list of specific topics and explores additional possible ways to collaborate. The MoU can be downloaded from inside this news item, at the bottom of the text.

Expanding a community of best practice: South East Asia and the Pacific

There is no translation available.  Rex Horoi and Stu Solomon report on regional dialogue discussions today between South East Asia and the Pacific Islands groups, under the GNDR and the Frontline programme banners, to strengthen inter-regional cooperation. The outcome was several proposals to strengthen coherence in policies, implementation and monitoring on the post 2015 frameworks, to create shared knowledge and learning spaces for the regions,  and to identify ways that civil society can work together to support the monitoring process at both the national and local level.

On the Road to Sendai

There is no translation available.GNDR member, the Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN) is one of the organisers of the campaign On the Road to Sendai.  The campaign bridges the gap between civil society and world leaders; getting communities to emphasise what they want to see in the new framework. It looks at the success stories of HFA 1 with messages of what worked best in preventing, reducing and bouncing back stronger from disasters. It also attempts to de-mystify and widely circulate the concepts in HFA 2 to improve understanding primarily among the development sector, as well as the broader public. For more information, visit

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