UNISDR needs a better definition of ‘Vulnerability’

There is no translation available.In this short piece, Ben Wisner makes an incisive critique of an aseptic definition of “vulnerability” provided by UNISDR where power relations, institutional failure and intentionality are omitted.

Cadre de Sendai pour la Réduction des risques de catastrophes

Le Cadre de Sendai pour la réduction des risques de catastrophe (SFDRR) a été finalisé en mars 2015. Bien que le cadre soit complet, il s'agit d'un cadre politique encore imparfait et la manière dont il sera éxaminé reste à déterminer. En savoir plus pour être informé, soutenir GNDR dans son action et participer.

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

There is no translation available.GNDR member and renowned academic Ben Wisner responds with his first impressions on the HFA2 draft seven targets still under discussion on March 17th, as negotiations still continue overnight into the final and closing day of the conference.

A journey to a disaster-resilient world

There is no translation available.Syed Shahnawaz Ali of Islamic Relief Philippines sets out the challenges to which the world must respond in agreeing action to build a safer world for all.

The Changing Landscape of DRR: Some Reflections on the Past Decade

There is no translation available.Bruno Haghebaert, GNDR Learning Coordinator, reflects on the changing DRR landscape since 2004, when John Twigg wrote the iconic "Disaster risk reduction Mitigation and preparedness in development and emergency programming" Good Practice Review book, comissioned by the Humanitarian Practice Network. Bruno outlines in this blog the main seven changes he has seen in the DRR landscape since then.

It’s the economy, stupid

There is no translation available.Whilst the negotiations over finance for DRR are deadlocked, Terry Gibson discovers from conversations with people at the frontline and Washington funders that an alternative might be direct finance to the frontline . . .

NGOs lament limited political commitment to funding disaster risk reduction plans

There is no translation available.[PRESS RELEASE] At Sendai conference, NGOs lament limited political commitment to funding disaster risk reduction plans. Sticky points linger on around targets, finance and support from the developed to developing countries as conference enters last day. Leaders given a wake-up call on importance of deal as Cyclone Pam hits Vanuatu.

Sex and Death and DRR

There is no translation available.Two phrases with special meaning: 'international cooperation' and 'common but differentiated responsibilities' keep the negotiations over the new framework for Disaster Risk Reduction "going round and round, going no-where" says Terry Gibson in his latest blog from Sendai.

Masters of the Universe

There is no translation available.Having attended the GAR 2015 report launch and the GAR for Tablet app that allows for colourful infographics and visualisations of disasters and impacts, Terry Gibson felt we are still "surrounded by dinosaurs" who talk about 'natural disasters'. But no disaster is natural, only weather events are. And while we "still hear people talking as if the only disasters of concern are the large scale events", says Terry, GNDR's "own data, GAR's and others' shows that a large majority of disasters are small scale, recurrent, resulting from the complex interaction of many factors." The knowledge everyday heroes hold of the everyday disasters they face "is the missing piece without which big data and 3D visualisations won't make a difference to the billions of people most affected by disasters."

Sendai sunshine

There is no translation available."After the pomp and ostentation of the WCDRR opening ceremony, the dividing lines between powerful and powerless are no more clearly drawn than here, where VIPs sweep up to the entrance whilst the more ordinary file in by the clogged high security queues and civil society representatives have very few seats at the table. Yet, those dividing lines of power and powerlessness, which are a mere nuisance at this conference, are what shape the consequences of climate change and other threats for billions worldwide."

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