Du point de vue d'un observateur : où les vulnérabilités se sont abandonnées aux volontés de la communauté

L'éloignement, le manque de réseau cellulaire, l'absence de médecin local et l'absence d'éducation après la 6e année - ces facteurs ne sont pas un obstacle à l'efficacité du GCRC dans une communauté locale, rapporte Samuel Peter d'Habitat pour l'humanité Inde. Il a récemment visité la petite communauté philippine de San Ildefonso dans le cadre d'un programme d'échange GCRC entre l'Inde et les Philippines. <hr id="system-readmo

A very precise and clear message through Pam

There is no translation available.Disasters are not waiting for negotiations to conclude before bringing their toll of loss and damage. A day before the Sendai meeting, nature has sent a very precise and clear message to the international community through Cyclone Pam. Unfortunately, this message from Pam seems not being heard by the world or maybe not well understood.

Voices from Latin America heard loud today

There is no translation available.Mave Bastías gives an account of some of the interventions today from Latin American representatives of civil society organisations and indigenous communities, in particular those from José Ramón Ávila from ASONOG (Honduras) and Adolfo Millabur, mayor of Tirua (Chile) and one of the main indigenous Mapuche Lafkenche leaders. Mave found a common voice in both interventions, as they highlighted the gap between the commitment and capabilities of the people at the frontline and the need to tackle politically at national and global level those underlying risk factors caused by current development strategies that communities cannot confront themselves.

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