2-Day Workshop on the “3 Negotiations of 2015”

GNDR members and journalists gathered in Tsevie to learn more about post-2015 processes GNDR members and journalists gathered in Tsevie to learn more about post-2015 processes Photo: GNDR
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For two days, civil society organizations, members of GNDR and media professionals gathered in Tsevie (35 km far from Lomé, the capital city of Togo) to become better informed about the three main development negotiations in 2015..

2015 is seeing as the year of all the chances for the current and future generations. This meeting was an opportunity for the participants to better learn about negotiations globally, the challenges in negotiation (geopolitics, interest of individuals and groups, the realities etc...).

Supported by the government actors of Togo, the meeting saw participation of the Director of Cabinet of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Togo, The District authority of Zio, the Regional Director of Environment of Maritime Region and the Mayor of Tsevie. The workshop was able to mobilize as well the government’s focal point of DRR, CC and SDGs in Togo.

According to BAGNOU Tamasi, journalist from Radio DAWUL in Bassar, “without this workshop, I would have never understood the complexity of the negotiations.”

For Mr NALE Damessonou, journalist from Radio MECAP in Dapaong “This is my first time to benefit of such a training and I ask the organizers to continue to help us with these kind of very useful trainings.”

The workshop was very much appreciated and the government actors present during the meeting thanked GNDR and its partners as they are playing a key role the government should play. The expectation of the Director of the cabinet is that the beneficiaries will better make use of the information gather from events like these.

It was an opportunity for the members of GNDR in Togo to think about how to make the network most dynamic in Togo and improve the leadership. The meeting came out with some very useful recommendations towards governments.

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