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Les communautés de l'île de Luzon, aux Philippines, appliquent des pratiques de gestion communautaire des risques de catastrophe (CBDRM) pour se préparer à un nouveau super typhon
L’ouest du Japon a été frappé par de fortes précipitations qui ont provoqué des inondations et des glissements de terrain dans de nombreuses régions du pays la semaine dernière. 
Dans cet article, la Coordinatrice du Pilote de VdF, Lorna Victoria, partage dans cet article les derniers résultats du programme phare de GNDR.
L’ONG "Bangladesh Environment and Development Society" (BEDS) est une organisation à but non lucratif qui s’appuie sur la recherche et la mise en œuvre de programmes novateurs pour promouvoir le développement socio-économique durable, la protection des ressources naturelles, l’utilisation d’énergie propre et la protection de l’environnement.
Le recatégorisation des membres GNDR a commencé le 10 mai et tous les membres ont depuis été invités à compléter le processus.
Dr Emad Adly, conférencier principal a événement réunissant plus de 80 Organisations de la Société Civile turques qui formeront une plateforme en RRC nationale.
Lancé officiellement le 29 janvier au cours de l’atelier régional de formation de Tongatapu, le pilote de Vue du front (VdF) aux Tonga et aux Philippines mis en œuvre par GNDR se poursuivra jusqu’en juillet 2018 grâce au financement du ministère australien des affaires étrangères et du commerce extérieur. Il combinera les leçons dégagées des précédents pilotes de VdF et de Sur le front.
There is no translation available.GNDR is developing an application for EU funding to strengthen GNDR and its individual members, particularly those who are regional and national umbrella organisations. It is important that GNDR members read the Guidelines to ensure member organisations agree to the submission of this funding proposal.
There is no translation available.A platform to share information, ground realities and analysis related to the Nepal Earthquake of 25 April, 2015
There is no translation available.ONG Inclusiva, winner of the risk award 2014, member of GNDR and ECOSOC, is working hard to ensure people with disabilities are not going to be left behind after the several emergencies and disasters that are happening in Chile. 
There is no translation available.Now that we have the Sendai Framework for DRR (SFDRR), GNDR wants to hear from you about your plans to ensure the Framework has an impact at the local level, and what GNDR can do to support you.
There is no translation available.ADRRN has set a hub in NSET office in Kathmandu. Please find below the details of NSET focal person. Please share it with your colleagues so they can contact them for any local support and coordination on humanitarian efforts.
There is no translation available.  GNDR is currently attending the Data Festival in Cartagena, Colombia. See below for a live stream of the main feed, courtesy of Cartagenda Data Fest 2015. To view other live streams of the event, please see http://www.cartagenadatafest2015.org/livestream    
There is no translation available.Various ongoing citizens-generated data collection mechanisms are underway which serve as an invaluable source of knowledge to shape realities, aggregate peoples' views and assist decision makers in adopting sustainable solutions based on localised evidence that can be regional and globally aggregated.   At the dawn of the data revolution and the paradigm shift from the Millennium Development Goals to the new era of the Sustainable Development…
There is no translation available.On the occasion of participating at the council meeting and Assembly of the Global Environment Facility "GEF" in the period of May 24th till June 1st 2014, a CSOs forum took place on May 27th that was attended by more than 200 representatives from all over the world to discuss the policy of public involvement in GEF6 projects, which has approved from all donor $4.3 billion…
There is no translation available.My reflection on the "Synthesis Report of the Secretary General on the Post-2015 Development Agenda" (by Lucy Pearson, GNDR Advocacy Coordinator) 
There is no translation available.Excellent participation and positive contributions. Download this summary in English, French and Spanish. 
There is no translation available.Here is how some of our members celebrated the International Day for Disaster Reduction (IDDR).  In South Asia, The Sindh Community Foundation in Pakistan led a civil society rally under the slogan ‘Resilience is for Life’. The Sarista Foundation in India continues to educate people about how to protect themselves from disasters. For IDDR2014 they held a workshop with senior citizens.   In South East Asia, CBM…
There is no translation available.GNDR Latinoamérica celebró el día 13 de octubre el Dia Internacional para la Reducción de Desastres, con líderes de la comunidad y las autoridades de la municipalidad de Peñaflor.
There is no translation available.Hyderabad 13 Oct, 2014 IDRR2014 day was commemorated by SCF with the slogan of Resilience for Life in a rally by civil society representatives.
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