Case study Kiribati - The Mystery of the Fading Community

Tetoamatoa Disability Drama Group Tetoamatoa Disability Drama Group PHOTO: Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific Kiribati
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A case study on inclusion and disabilities.

Kiribati is an atoll nation in the Pacific, prone to the impacts of climate change and natural hazards such as sea level rise, coastal erosion and inundation. The most vulnerable individuals in Kiribati are people with disabilities, who are during times of emergency often the most heavily affected group. A local NGO, Foundation for the Peoples of the South Pacific Kiribati (FSPK), through the Action at the Frontline program, has given Tetoamatoa, a disabled persons' group, the opportunity to demonstrate their talents and capabilities to better safeguard themselves and the environment in the face of a changing climate. A platform was set up which allowed them to present their daily reality through drama awareness on DRR/CCA. This platform not only changed the way disabled people were thinking about themselves, it also changed the perception of the general public about people with disabilities and it led to a more active engagement of people with disabilities in risk reduction activities in Kiribati.

Read in this case study

  • how little understanding on disaster risks and climate change, an increase in population unmatched to economic development, little space for relocation within a small island with few employment opportunities and a lack of government policies for disabled persons compound into a much bigger impact on the disabled people of the island in comparison to other vulnerable groups in the community,
  • how the community identified their problems and possible solutions, and
  • how a dialogue with other stakeholders and developing a multi-stakeholder partnership helped with a successful implementation of some of the solutions identified.


pdfDownload the complete case study here1.17 MB

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