How to get involved

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How to get involved

Frontline provides a valuable resource and opportunity for action at local, national and international level, based on its unique ability to gather and share local experience of threats, consequences, actions and barriers: providing a unique local perspective on building resilience. GNDR members, civil society organisations, local and national governments, private enterprise, international organisations and frameworks, and academic and research organisations all have a part to play.

GNDR members can make use of the Frontline methodology to work with local communities and forge local level partnerships. Many organisations are involved already and more are invited to join as Frontline extends its scope in 2015-2016 and onwards. Their work also contributes to national and global databases which inform local and national governments and international frameworks as they seek more effective implementation strategies

Civil society organisations, from community organisations to national and regional platforms and networks can participate in Frontline, making use of the common methodology and its unique benefits. National and regional networks have already used the methodology for their own programmes, extending the Frontline dataset for everyone's use. The methodology is open source and GNDR encourage organisations and networks to make use of it.

Local and National Governments can collaborate with civil society to use Frontline's unique local level information source, disaggregated from national down to community level to inform strategic resource allocation and implementation at every level. Ensuring that policies and budgets are shaped to address the clearly identified threats which households and communities face

Private enterprise increasingly recognises the need to operate sustainably within resilient contexts which include their operating territories, production facilities and customer bases. Supporting Frontline provides a valuable information source informing their strategy for sustainable operations in all global contexts

International organisations and frameworks concerned with resilience, in particular with Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Development and Climate Change Adaptation, are invited to support this programme which, founded on the capacity and experience of GNDR and the six years of development work lying behind Frontline, provides a unique source of local knowledge which can provide valuable local level monitoring post-2015.

Academic and research organisations can access a unique dynamically growing and updating database of local knowledge to deepen understanding of risk and resilience. GNDR already collaborates with universities in the UK and South Africa and invites further collaborations to make use of this unique source of risk and resilience knowledge.

Get involved by supporting Frontline, by participating in it and by making use of the unique local knowledge of risk and resilience it provides.

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