Views from the Frontline

VFL is a ground-breaking participatory monitoring programme designed to strengthen public accountability for DRR policy execution by providing the first independent global review of progress towards the implementation of disaster risk reduction at the local level.

VFL gathers a broad cross-section of perspectives from communities, local authorities and civil society organisations who are most affected by disasters.

The biennial programme recognises the value of a consolidated civil society voice across different regions and draws attention to DRR challenges seen by local stakeholders as critical to strengthening community resilience.

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There is no translation available.VFL resources for participants - VPL recursos para los participantes - Ressources VdL pour les participants   English Español  Français Quick Start Guide VFL 2013  VPL 2013 Guía de Inicio Rápido VdF_2013__Guide_de_dmarrage_rapide_v4 VFL 2013 Country Report Template Formato para el Informe País  Modèle pour la rédaction des rapports nationaux Case study template  VPL_2013_-_Formato_de_Estudio_de_caso.doc  Modele d'etude de cas Annex C Country report example Ejemplo de…
There is no translation available.Views from the Frontline is a participatory multi-stakeholder engagement process designed to monitor, review and report on critical aspects of “local governance” considered essential to building disaster resilient communities.
There is no translation available.VFL 2013: Beyond 2015 – was designed to better understand how at-risk people and local actors can support local change processes addressing differential vulnerabilities and strengthening community resilience. It draws lessons from the approaches local households adopt when faced with multiple hazards in the context of poverty, uncertainty, informality and fragility.
Vues du Front 2019 (VdF) est un processus de suivi inédit qui promeut une approche de la RRC inclusive et centrée sur les individus. Il est conçu pour soutenir la mise en œuvre locale du cadre RRC de Sendai et d’autres cadres centrés sur la dimension humaine du développement durable et du changement climatique.
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