Children with disabilities and disaster preparedness, Christchurch, New Zealand

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A case study on the needs, capacities and role of the children with disabilities in disaster risk reduction.

An estimated 7 million children with disabilities worldwide are affected by disasters annually. This significant number emphasises the particular vulnerability of these children when facing natural hazards. However, their needs as well as their capacity and role in disaster risk reduction have largely been overlooked by researchers and policymakers. Below you can download a paper article about a case study from Christchurch, New Zealand, that identifies the insights, realities, possibilities and obstacles in relation to the involvement in disaster preparedness of children with diverse disabilities. The study shows the differences in how children with disabilities access available resources and perceive, face and cope with natural hazards. It also shows their potential contribution to disaster preparedness and provides suggestions for policy and practice.

The study can be downloaded free from the Taylor & Francis Online website using the link below.


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