Civil Society Action Coalition on Disaster Mitigation (CSACODAM)

CSACODAM talks to Edik Idim community on various topics Photo: CSACODAM

CSACODAM  works in partnership with other organisations to combat disasters in Nigeria, addressing disaster issues through a scientific approach. It provides livelihood alternatives to disaster victims.

Organisation: CSACODAM
Country: Nigeria
Region: Cross River State
Managing Director: Ekpenyong Edet
Joined GNDR: 2014
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Civil Society Action Coalition on Disaster Mitigation (CSACODAM) is a Nigerian registered organization based in Calabar, Cross River State, which has participated and contributed in the formulation of Disaster Management Policy of Cross River State and advocated for setting up the Local Disaster Management Committees in the local government areas to ensure wide implementation of Disaster Management Policy at the grass-roots level.

“CSACODAM brings other nigerian civil society groups together, particularly groups that work on disaster management.”

The Coalition has trained its members and communities in Peace and Conflict Resolution and emphasized dialogue/mutual cooperation to resolve conflict. The coalition held Town Hall meetings and advocated for the use of a consensus approach – this process reaches agreement by reconciliation and accommodating positions.

In order to reduce violent conflicts, the coalition mobilized organisations/stakeholders who were trained by the Presidential Committee on Small Arms and Light Weapons and supported alternative livelihoods for community members who had taken to arms.The Civil Society Action Coalition on Disaster Mitigation trained mangrove communities in mangrove regeneration and supported the use of fuel efficient stoves that use less firewood and reduce deforestation. It also conducted research on how the mangrove ecosystem can be improved and sustained to better protect the environment and avert disasters. The Coalition has also trained member organisations and communities to manage disasters that affect them and provided a platform to engage in wider campaigns for Disaster Mitigation.

Awards and achivements

The following are learnings and accomplishments achieved through the work of the coalition:

Peace and Conflict Resolution

  1. People that had taken to arms in some cases have found new livelihoods rather than engaging in illicit arms.
  2. Some chiefs in villages are conscious that any attempt to marginalize any side during Peace Meetings will result in conflict and therefore they try to resolve conflict through dialogue, in order to have accommodating positions.
  3. Recently the Presidential Committee on Small Arms and Light Weapons (PRESCOM), Nigeria selected the National Coordinator as the focal person for Cross River State.

Mangrove regeneration

  1. Mangroves absorb three times the carbon absorbed by other trees and through absorption mangrove reduces harmful effects in the air. The regeneration has restored to some extent the mangrove ecosystem and preserved biodiversity. The regeneration has also prevented the negative effects of violent storms, thereby averting disasters.
  2. Fuel efficient stoves (see photo above) have a concentration of heat between 70 -96%, therefore using less firewood, compared to the traditional methods of tripod which has 30% concentration of heat and 70% of heat blown out by wind. In the tripo, more firewood is required thereby encouraging the cutting down of trees.
  3. Firewood is also the major driver of deforestation,. Deforestation, which is also a cause of disasters, is reduced through the use of the fuel efficient stove.
  4. Smoke inhalation which may cause lungs/heart problems is reduced with the use of the fuel efficient stove.

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