BIFERD North Kivu

BIFERD "Through our multi-sectorial approach, we encourage collaborative projects involving civil society stakeholders and government representatives to ensure that national disaster reduction systems have an effective impact on our communities"

Organisation: BIFERD
Country: Democratic Republic of Congo
Region: North Kivu
Managing Director: Jonas Habimana
Joined GNDR: 2015
Blog: http://biferdong.blogspot.co.uk/
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

BIFERD (Bureau d’Informations, Formations, Echanges et Recherches pour le Dévelopment)  is a research evidence-based organisation that works in the North Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo in North Kivu, Goma. Founded by Jonas Habimana current Executive Director in 2004, Jonas and his team of volunteers have been working relentlessly with the communities of North Kivu, a region that has been devasted by armed conflict in the past decade. 

BIFERD'S vision is to tackle social and economic inequalities, violence and vulnerability. The organisation through its programmes in WASH, food security and nutrition, health, SGBV and women empowerment, education and capacity building assist the development of emergency responses to North Kivu communities affected by conflicts, economic crisis and natural disasters. Its core principles include humanity, neutrality, impartiality, independence and self-reliance. In April 2017 the organisation was granted a consultative status from the United Nations ECOSOC (Economic and Social council).

“Our vision is to see a world without social and economic inequalities, without violence and without poverty and vulnerability.”

BIFERD is part of major humanitarian coalitions in the North Kivu region. The organisation supports  primarily  displaced populations affected by conflicts but also natural disasters, the eruption of the Nyiaragongo volcano in 2002 is an instance of it. For three years now BIFERD has implemented  disaster risk reduction (DRR) initiatives. As highlighted by Jonas Habimana natural disasters are also an important issue apart from the current conflict that the region has to focus on. Through volunteers acting as focal points within comunities, BIFERD has achieved the implementation of early warning systems in the region.

“Ultimately, BIFERD serves as the “connector” between North Kivu communities and other governmental and development stakeholders.”

     Awards and achivements

  • Since 2017 BIFERD has a consultation role for the United Nations Economic & Social Council for DRC (ECOSOC)
  • Via its food security programme BIFERD supported 275 displaced families in North Kivu
  • The organisation recruited and trained 60 volunteers designated as "Focal points" whose mission is to raise awareness of communities in emergency preparedness
  • BIFERD is part of several major humanitarian coordination groups in the region



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