#30days30waysUK is a nationwide online campaign that raises public awareness of emergency preparedness.

Organisation: #30days30waysUK
Country: UK
Managing Director: Joanne Maddams and Monika Al-Mufti
Joined GNDR: March 2019
Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.http://30days30waysuk.org.uk 

Running primarily on Twitter and Facebook, the campaign spans the full month of September every year. Its purpose is to share free, open-source content on how to be better prepared for all kinds of hazards and emergencies. This could be anything from local flooding, power cuts and gas leaks, to fires, transport strikes and storms.

‘September is Preparedness Month’

Each of the 30 days of September is allocated a specific theme related to emergency preparedness and risk reduction. Examples include first aid, shelter, water safety and sanitation, and what to do in the event of a terrorist attack.

Whilst in the past there has been a trend of scaring the public into action, the #30days30waysUK campaign focuses on fun, social engagement, that includes games and light-hearted humour. Their advice is: ‘Be prepared, not scared!’

Along with the theme of the day a related challenge is also shared – ensuring the campaign isn’t simply about disseminating information but inspiring action. This could be something as basic as putting together your own ‘grab bag’ – a ready and packed bag of emergency essentials. Or researching your local community risk register to learn about potential threats and hazards in your region.

Get involved on social media

Anyone can join #30days30waysUK by following @30days30waysUK on Twitter, sharing content using the hashtag, and tweeting pictures, videos and experiences.

Established in 2015, the campaign is underpinned by a UK-wide network of professionals that span the emergency services, disaster risk reduction, emergency planning, and business continuity.

Many UK emergency services share locally-relevant information throughout September from their own social media accounts, and include the hashtag, #30days30waysUK. This ensures that emergency preparedness comes from, and is shared with, many communities.

Find out more

Want to know more? Read an interview with Monika Al-Mufti from #30days30waysUK.

Could this campaign be established in your country too? Get in touch with #30days30waysUK.

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