Implementing sub-regional workshops for the IMPACT project of CSOs working in DRR in the Americas

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On 10 and 11 May, our partner RET International implemented the first sub-regional workshop in Panama, gathering 25 representatives from 25 networks across Central America and the Caribbean.

The aim of this sub-regional workshop was to discuss how the networks complemented each other and their interest in joining the IMPACT initiative as a way of building a stronger alliance of DRR actors at the frontline of disaster risks. The networks also identified possible joint actions for including more organisations. The workshop was inaugurated by Nahuel Arenas, Deputy Head of UNISDR Americas and Caribbean; Manuel Santana, National Consultant at USAID OFDA, Magnolia Santa María, Representative of RET International for Central America and the Caribbean; and Ma. Verónica Bastías, representing GNDR.

The second sub-regional workshop, run by CARITAS Chile for South American networks, was held on 15 and 16 May in the Hotel NH in Santiago. Following the same format as the Central American and Caribbean Workshop, this event brought together 25 networks from across the sub-region to discuss the meaning of working together under the understanding that DRR is related to the Sustainable Development Agenda, as well as humanitarian and other agendas. The workshop was inaugurated by OFDA USAID National Consultant, Mariela Chavarriga; Interagency Coordinator of the UN System in Chile, Alejandro Mañon; and the National Director of ONEMI, Ricardo Toro.

For more information, please contact the Regional Development Coordinator for LAC, Mave Bastias: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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