What happened in Bangkok at the Summit?

People from different nationalities talking sitting at a table, others active in the background of a meeting hall Participants involved in discussions during the GNDR summit Photo: Geoff Crawford

19th-21st April 2016 | Global Network - Local Action 

With more than 120 participants, GNDR's global gathering in Bangkok has been a success. Interactive, fast paced, engaging and fun, the members have met colleagues from more than 70 countries, to exchange views, explore regional priorities and share their committments towards the GNDR strategy 2016-2020 that was launched on the first day.

FINAL REPORT: First impressions and outputs of the Summit

The high energy and participation of all attending has made this summit a success. Members went back to their homes energised and commited to work together on the new strategy. The report with the outcomes, regional priorities and participants' commitments is available below in three languages. You can also follow the links at the bottom of the page to watch some videos and photos of the event. Enjoy!

  • GNDR Global Summit 2016 FINAL REPORTpdfEnglish1.68 MB | Español | Français

What happened in Bangkok?

Held at the Holiday Inn Silom, Bangkok, on the morning of April 19th members enjoyed connecting or reconnecting with each other and had a chance to talk with their regional representatives. In the afternoon, the participants looked back into the progress, achievements and challenges from the previous strategic period 2012-2015.

Also in the afternoon of the first day, we discussed the challenges and oportunities for civil society going forward, motivated by a speech from Ms Feng Min Kan, Head of UNISDR Asia Pacific Office [see the video on GNDR YouTube channel]. This was followed by a presentation of the new GNDR strategy for the period 2016-2020 delivered together by Farah Kabir, Chair of the GNDR Global Board and Marcus Oxley, Executive Director of the GNDR Secretariat. To end the afternoon, the participants went on a "guided tour" of the strategy,where they got a flavour of what will be like working together on campaigning, shared learning, resourcing and Frontline.

On Wednesday 20th, the meeting started with a surprise for all participants. They got inmersed from the start into a realistic simulation exercise (special effects included) where members from the Manokwari community, Indonesia, explained in person how floods were affecting their community and asked the GNDR members present in the room to help them to take actions at different levels: local, national and global. After a round of questions to the Manokwari community to understand the context, all members role played around different opportunities to take action. In the fast paced simulation, the participants took part in interviews with the press, delivered live speeches at a regional conference, listened to podcasts, reviewed video case studies, campaigned by signing petitions and sending Twitter messages, and prepared local action plans to explore possible partnerships with the private sector. All this in just 3 hours.

After lunch, participants discussed their regional realities and what were their priorities from the regional and local perspective, as well as the desired outcomes. Next, in regional groups, GNDR members defined the roles they would be playing to localise this strategy and identified actions that can be done together in the next 5 years.

The final day of the summit, Thursday 21st, started with members working in regional groups to conclude their action plans and define the next steps, followed by a questions and answers session. After that, the participants watched a video from Robert Glasser, UN's Special Representative of the Secretary General for Disaster Risk Reduction (see news item about Robert Glasser's address to GNDR members).

Next, members worked together on the resilience labyrinth, an interactive exercise to answer what could be the image of resilience for different groups and to highlight why a network cannot reach far without working together. After lunch, the final afternoon was dedicated to share individual commitments for the short and long term, as well thanking the Board, Secretariat, CWS office in Bangkok as well as providing feedback before saying goodbye.


  • Bangkok pre-Summit preparations: A short fun video about the preparations by the Global Board and the Secretariat the day before the Summit.
  • Welcome to the GNDR Global Summit!: a welcome message to the summit participants, introducing them to the GNDR Strategy 2016-2020 and the roles that civil society should play in the next five years.
  • Ms Feng Min Kan, Head of UNISDR Asia Pacific Office addressed in person GNDR members in Bangkok around the topic Challenges & Opportunities for Civil Society
  • First day impressions: a video with images from the 1st day of the summit, as well as extracts of interviews to members Ali Ardalan (Iran), Enock Nimpamya (Uganda), Kheswar Beeharry Panray (Mauritius) and Lorenzo Mota King (Dominican Republic).
  • Second day at the Summit: The second day brought thunder and rain to the audience in a vivid simulation exercise that illustrated how members can be stronger together when helping each other. The video has extracts of interviews to members Graciela Salaberri (Uruguay), Farah Kabir (Bangladesh), Buh Gaston (Cameroon) and Mihir Joshi (India).
  • Robert Glasser addresses GNDR members at our Global Summit: Video message by Robert Glasser, Special Representative of the Secretary- General for Disaster Risk Reduction to the GNDR Global Summit, Bangkok 19-21 April 2016.
  • Final day, action plans and commitments: the third day brought members together to renew and share their commitments with the network and to share learning among members to be Stronger Together.

Full interviews to members

  • Farah Kabir, ActionAid Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
    Graciela Salaberri, Amigos del Viento (Uruguay)
    Buh Gaston, GEADiRR (Cameroon)
    Mihir Joshi, SEEDS (India)
    - Ali Ardalan, Disaster and Emergency Health - Tehran university of Medical Sciences (Iran)
    - Enock Nimpamya, Coalition on Environment and Climate Change in Uganda (Uganda)
    - Kheswar Beeharry Panray, Environmental Protection and Conservation Organisation (Mauritius)
    - Lorenzo Mota King, Servicio Social de Iglesias Dominicanas (Dominican Republic)

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Let the fun begin: first day at the Summit Video: Geoff Crawford

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