To celebrate the IDDR2015, CARITAS Chile has launched a web to collate a series of activities around this special day. In particular, the launch this day of the Roundtable of Community Management for DRR, of which GNDR is a participant, which is a multi-stakeholder platform with the aim to strengthen the partnership between them, so they can provide a better service to the most vulnerable families and communities against all kinds of socio-natural threats.

To celebrate the IDRD2015 this 13th October, CARITAS Chile has launched a website that meets multiple activities to be performed until the end of the month, to renew the close, emotional and promotional presence with and from local communities. Therefore, says our member CARITAS Chile, "we have organised the awareness campaign, ‘Towards building resilient communities’, as an initiative to strengthen coordination spaces, dialogue and exchange, bringing together key stakeholders (government, civil society, municipalities, communities, etc.) to facilitate the implementation of coordinated and coherent actions that allow to reduce risk".

CARITAS invites us to follow closely the various activities to be undertaken in this context and to visit the special web that launched on 13th October, to spread in our networks the diversity of news that they will share until the end of the month.

Another important event was the formation of the Roundtable of Community Management for DRR, composed of Caritas Chile, Red Cross, World Vision, National Fire Academy, International Humanitarian Network, Chilean Network on Humanitarian Aid, Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), and the National Emergency Office of the Ministry of Interior and Public Security (ONEMI).

These institutions recognise the Roundtable of Community Management, as an instrument designed to make even stronger the partnerships between these institutions to better serve the most vulnerable families and communities facing socio-natural risks.


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