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Y hay tanto por hacer...

"Las jornadas se suceden veloces e intensas. Los texts y mensajes van y vienen anunciando actividades, presentaciones, reuniones, fotografías... Es absolutamente imposible presenciar todo, así que marcamos las prioridades para que estas horas aquí sean productivas y satisfactorias.", escribe Graciela Salaberri, representante de la Junta Global de GNDR para Sudamérica, en su blog sobre cómo está enfocando su participación en Sendai en los temas de mayor interés para Latinoamérica.

Will our Tachibana Deal Build Back HFA Better?

Adressing the major groups, the Chair and Co-chair of the negotiation committee briefed us on progress: one key issue not yet agreed on is the target on international cooperation and the means of implementation. Looks like this is the real deal; agreeing on a bold target for global financial commitment. There is palpable fear and even intentional manoeuvres to avoid financial commitments. But among the somehow apprehensive and saddening conversation, there is hope down the road to continue lobbying and partnering with our governments for bold and accountable commitments. After the negotiators crawled back into the Tachibana Hall, it is time for CSOs to ramp up our advocacy strategy to ensure we get a better deal for the target on international cooperation!"

Reality or Delusion?

"We entered today to the Conference Centre from different lines: one for Civil Society, the other one for diplomats and government officials. What would happen if there is a fire? Would there be priorities in saving lives whether you are a government official, diplomat or an NGO worker and go through our respective doors again? or would we use any door to get out and be safe?" writes Rex Horoi, GNDR Global Board member for Pacific region, to illustrate how this post 2015 DRR framework should not maintain lines and divisions but be for the future benefit of all human kind.

CSOs can laymanize early warning information

GNDR Global Board representative for South East Asia, Lorna Victoria, reflects on the role that CSOs can play "to interface with the scientific community and national/local governments in 'laymanizing' early warning information", but she believes "the first step is to include the community in the design of the early warning systems."

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