Nothing about us without us: the Dhaka Declaration

Main stage at Dhaka conference Md. Khurshid Alam, Assistant Country Director, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Mr. Carlos Kaiser, Executive Director ONG Inclusiva, Mrs. Valerie Scherrer, Director of Emergency Responsive CBM and a Bengali sign language interpreter Photo: Loreto Brossard

GNDR member Carlos Kaiser from ONG Inclusiva reports on the Dhaka Declaration: a new comprehensive understanding of Inclusive Risk Management and International Cooperation.

Bangladesh November 12th-14th

Dhaka is a vibrant city, plenty of energy. A great conference was held on a very meaningful date for the country: its very independence day. Bangladesh people are strong of will and heart. The Conference was organized by the Ministry of Disaster Management and Relief, the Ministry for Social Welfare, the Centre for Disability in Development and the National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled (NFOWD). Many institutions like UNISDR, CBM, Handicap International, ASB, ONG Inclusiva, from all over the world worked hard to achieve it.

From Bangladesh to the World

In a world class seminar, more than 400 people were working united, representing 18 countries. The organization displayed many good things, showing organizational skills second to none.

The Dhaka Declaration is unique in the sense that sets standards calling for actions that can be measured and are easy to reach if we really want to. Dhaka declaration sets a benchmark supporting the Sendai Framework calling for concrete actions.

"Bangladesh is successfully leading at many global forums, on different issues for the well-being of humankind. I hope Bangladesh will continue to make similar efforts to deal with the physically and mentally challenged people for protecting their lives during disaster periods.”, says Ms. Saima Hossain, Chairperson of the Bangladesh National Advisory Committee on Autism.

Nothing about us without us

More than 200 persons with disabilities were there active participants in the Conference having a voice of their own. The Dhaka Declaration is inclusive in its very core, presenting persons with disabilities as great assets to the world, not as damsels in distress, but as contributors, as resilience builders.

Carlos Kaiser is the Executive Director of ONG Inclusiva, Chile.


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