South East Asia & East Asia RSG inception meeting: key initial decisions

Asian man in a green t-shirt using his right hand to point with a stick to a risk map of a small community stuck to a flip-chart stand Participants of the South East Asia/ East Asia RSG Inception meeting, Bangkok August 2017 Image: GNDR

The Regional Steering Group inception meeting took place on 23th and 24th of August at the Hotel Evergreen in Bangkok gathering RSG members of GNDR’s South East Asia and East Asia region (Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar). 

The main objective was to identify the next steps to be taken in the upcoming year, and pdffinalise the selection of the representatives of South East Asia and East Asia Regional Steering Group (RSG) and National Focal Point/Teams (NFP/T). pdfA full report can be download here.

Hosted by GNDR, the South East Asia/East Asia inception meeting hosted representatives from:  Center for Disaster Preparedness (CDP), Save the Earth Cambodia, Development Workshop France, YAKKUM Emergency Unit, Resilience Development Initiative (RDI), Community Development Association.

During their two days’ workshop, National Focal Points worked together to prioritise activities at national and regional level. Our Regional Development Coordinator, Mohammad Abdur Rouf, also updated participants on GNDR’s ongoing projects. The working session resumed with a draft of a work plan based on the prioritised activities. 

Key decisions made 

A number of key decisions have been made (see report on RSG below for the full list of decisions):

  • Approval of the pdffinal Terms of Reference (ToRs) of the South East Asia / East Asia RSG
  • GNDR’s regional representative (Member of the Global Board) will serve as RSG Chair of the region
  • Selection of the Vice-Chair will be taken up in the next meeting
  • The Regional Development Coordinator will act as the Secretary of the RSG
  • Decision making of the Regional Steering Group will be done on a “majority” voting basis
  • A work plan will be prepared and agreed by National Focal Point/teams of the Regional Steering Group
  • Secretariat should share regional budget once agreed

 For more information, contact the Regional Development Coordinator Abdur Rouf at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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