VFL Pilot underway in Tonga and the Philippines

VFL Pilot Kick Off in Tonga GNDR

Formally launched on January 29th during the Regional Training Workshop in Tongatapu, the Views From the Frontline (VFL) Pilot  in Tonga and the Philippines is being implemented by GNDR until July 2018 with funding from the Australian  Department of Foreign Assistance and Trade (DFAT) . It will combine lessons learned from the previous runs of the VFL and Frontline. 

 Following  the implementation of the VFL Pilot,  VFL is expected to be rolled out by GNDR to 48 other countries in 2018. Final results will be presented at the Global Platform in Geneva in 2019. GNDR partners implementing the VFL Pilot are the  Tonga Community Development Trust  (TCDT) and the Center for Disaster Preparedness(CDP). Both partners had been engaged with GNDR in the previous rounds of VFL and Frontline initiatives in Tonga and in the Philippines.

The main aim of VFL Pilot is to engage 900-2,500 respondents in both countries through specific targets that will involve:

  • 10 communities (5 urban, 5 rural) in 5 diverse risk areas per country 
  • 30 community members representing vulnerable groups in community consultations/Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) per community
  • 10 representatives of local government interviewed per community
  • 10 representatives of civil society organizations interviewed per community
  • 40 – 200 households in random surveys per community

**Note: TCDT has a lower target of 40 HH per community due its smaller community sizes

Regional Training of Trainers

The four-day regional training was held from 29 January to 2 February in Tongatapu. The main objective of the Regional Training Workshop  was to enhance the capacity of  implementing partners (GNDR, TCDT, CDP)  in order to coordinate a cohesive project implementation.  The VFL Pilot Implementation Handbook for the National Coordinating Organizations (TCDT and CDP) was the primary resource used in the Regional Training of Trainers.

In addition of the sessions held, ten participants from TCDT , CDP and GNDR had a field practice of VFL surveys in Kolomotua. The participants worked in different teams to facilitate community consultation and discussion with vulnerable groups through surveys of local households, interviews with local government representatives and  civil society representatives. The VFL Pilot Regional Training cemented collaboration between TCDT and CDP and also served as a pattern for the Training for Partner Organisations (POs) led by CDP and TCDT. With POs  in Tonga and in the Philippines completely trained, the VFL Pilot community consultations, interviews and surveys will commence in the last week of March through April and May 2018.

Downloads and Links

  • Report of VFL pilot Training in Tonga and the Philippines [ENGLISH]



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