Last Phases of the VFL Pilot Implementation

TDCT training for POs in Tonga GNDR

In this article, Lorna Victoria GNDR's VFL Pilot Coordinator shares an update of one GNDR's flagship programme latest outcomes. 

The national training workshops for Partner Organisations (POs) by the National Coordinating Organisations (NCOs) in Tonga and the Philippines provided the opportunity to adapt VFL questionnaires to local contexts. Mostly, relevant terms that could be easily understood at the community level were used and local examples were provided. Even then, it was stressed that the VFL surveys were primarily conversations with community representatives, vulnerable groups and representatives of local government and civil society about risk scenarios and barriers and actions to resilience-building. The VFL training for POs was held on 7-9 March 2018 by the Centre for Disaster Preparedness (CDP) and on 20-22 March by the Tonga Community Development Trust (TCDT). The POs in the Philippines subsequently held local training workshops for their community enumerators and facilitators.

Survey implementation began in the last week of March and was completed by the end of May. The POs in the Philippines covered all VFL surveys: random surveys, community consultations and in-depth interviews with local government and civil society representatives. In Tonga, TCDT facilitated the community consultations while the POs conducted all other surveys. 

Both TCDT and CDP are currently working with the GNDR data consultant to finalize the analysis and visualization of data for the pilot countries while the NCOs prepare their draft VFL national reports and organize multi-stakeholder workshops at the local and national level.

The community-level multi-stakeholder feedback and action planning workshops in the Philippines will be facilitated by the POs in the 3rd and 4th weeks of July. CDP will be monitoring these workshops. In Tonga, the community-level workshops will be facilitated by TCDT with the POs from 9 August to 20 August. The scheduled dates for the national multi-stakeholder workshops are 14 August for the Philippines and 30 August for Tonga. The workshops are expected to contribute to improving community well-being and resilience at the local level, and risk reduction and resilience policies and practice at the national level. Meanwhile, VFL results will feed into country-level monitoring of the SFDRR and other frameworks.

As the VFL Pilot enters its last phases, the first part of a learning review will be conducted from 16 - 20 July so it can be utilised in advance of the VFL roll out.

Should you need further information on this update, feel free to contact Lorna Victoria at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Downloads and Links

  • Community Consultation Form [ENGLISH]
  • Civil society Consultation Form [ENGLISH]
  • Local government Consultation Form [ENGLISH]
  • Randomly selected household survey [ENGLISH]
  • Risks areas mapping of VFL Pilot in the Philippines [ENGLISH]
  • Risks areas mapping of VFL Pilot in Tonga [ENGLISH]

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