Interview with Executive Director Allan Musinguzi of AFRiMOVE

Allan Musinguzi

Executive Director of Africa on the Move (AFRiMOVE) Allan Musinguzi tells us about his ambitions for his organization and his expectations on being a GNDR member in this interview. 

London, 22 February 2019

What is AFRiMOVE?

AFRiMove is a non-governmental humanitarian organization started in 2018 that supports livelihood-challenged youth communities in Africa by linking them to available socio - economic opportunities, in order improve their well-being and standard of living.

Africa on the Move is headquartered in Uganda, with ambitions of expanding into Tanzania and South Africa.

How would you describe AFRiMove’s role as part of civil-society?

AFRiMOVE has played a pivotal role in empowering staggering youths through implementing a carefully selected cocktail of programs such as Youth Mentorship Programs, Talent Promotion, Outreach Programs, Entrepreneurship Training, Occupational safety trainings, Outreach programs and youth leadership programs among others.

Which are the biggest achievements as an organisation?

Our organization has so far created a think tank and network of youth groups, which encourages exchange of ideas and tackling the global problem of staggering youths in our communities plus advocating for youth' rights.

AFRiMOVE has also responded to a call to equip youth in high school with life skills. Courses in bar soap, ice cream, detergents and jelly making have taught these children practical entrepreneurial skills, and created a source of employment and income for struggling youth.

What is your role, what does it entail?

I am the Executive Director of AfriMove. I am spearheading the Move to solve the issue of staggering youths through overseeing the implementation of our programs and linking AFRiMOVE to global networks such as the GNDR and other networks with a community platform.

Why did you join GNDR?

On behalf of AFRiMOVE, I joined GNDR to gain access to a community working together and to find possible links to partnerships for us.

Engaging with partners and other stakeholders, increasing community resilience and reduce disaster risk around the world are goals that we share with GNDR.

How will being a GNDR member help your organisation in achieving its goals and objectives?

Our membership with GNDR will give us access to the GNDR’s online Community Platform, where we can connect by sharing stories, access learning opportunities and a library of resources and participate in discussions and polls.

We value the possibility of collaborating on documents and chatting with other members in order to understand how disaster reduction is handled on a global basis.

Any expectations on being a GNDR member? Any specific benefits you specifically look forward to enjoy or have enjoyed already?

I believe that our membership with GNDR will create opportunities for support, encouragement and profile-raising, and create a platform for exchange of ideas and knowledge on how to tackle the issue of staggering youths towards disaster reduction.

One specific benefit of the membership is to gain access to attend global summits like the GNDR biennial Global Summit and the sixth Global Platform for disaster risk reduction which will be held in Geneva Switzerland on 13-17 May, 2019. Our participation in the 2019 Global Platform has also already been confirmed.

How can GNDR be of best use and help for you as a member organisation?

GNDR can best use AFRiMOVE as a vehicle to fulfil its vision of having a vibrant, active, collaborative civil society supporting people and their communities, particularly poor and vulnerable groups.

We are also very excited to have our member profile featured on the GNDR web page, thereby making our organisation known to the rest of your network.

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