Global Platform 2019: Send a message from your community

Would you like your community’s voice to be heard at the Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction?

We’re asking GNDR members to record a 20-second video about how their community has helped prevent disasters. A selection of your videos will be played at the Global Platform for DRR in Geneva, Switzerland, from 13-17 May 2019.

What should my 20-second video be about?

The person in the video should be a community member who has helped build disaster resilience in their community. We would like you, or someone in the communities you work with, to answer this question:

What have you done to help prevent or prepare for disasters in your community?

We’d like to hear positive, successful stories about activities your community has done.

Why are we showing these videos at the Global Platform for DRR?

As a global network of civil society organisations, we believe the voices of people directly affected by disasters must be heard. At this year’s Global Platform for DRR we want to highlight how collaboration and inclusion of local communities results in successful disaster risk reduction. Videos will be shown before sessions at the event.

How long should my video be?

20 seconds (maximum).

When should I send my video?

Before 28 April 2019

What language should my video be in?

You can send videos in any language. However, if you send a video that is not in English you must email us a full and accurate translation of everything that is spoken in the video.

How do I send my video file to GNDR?

If you have a Google account you can upload your video to our shared Google Folder.

Alternatively, you can send your video file using an online file-sharing website (for example Google Drive, DropBox or WeTransfer or any other way you like). Send the file-sharing link to:

Nick Scarborough, Communications Officer at GNDR: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please do not send links to YouTube as we’re unable to download videos from this website. Please do not attach video files directly to emails as the files will be too big and will not be received.

We look forward to receiving your short videos.


7 tips for shooting a great video

#1 Sound

The audio should be clear. If you have one, a microphone is preferable. Please ensure there is no background noise (e.g. people talking, vehicles, animals, machinery, etc.)

#2 If you’re using a mobile phone, orient your phone horizontally (landscape)

Most people hold their phone vertically when shooting video. Unless you want black bars on the side of your video, hold it horizontally.

#3 Lighting

Natural light is best for filming, so if possible, shoot outside. The person that is filmed has to be facing the light.

#4 Focus

Focus is essential while shooting. The video recording should not be shaky – if you have a tripod, please use one.

#5 Record test footage (especially if you're self-shooting)

Record 10 seconds of video and check the shot to make sure you’re happy with it. Once you are satisfied with how things look, you're ready to record.

#6 Check that your video is saved as an MP4 format

Please send your video in an MP4 format.

#7 Clean and simple

Do not include any logos or on-screen graphics.



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