Sustainable Development Goals

The world now has 17 goals that we will collectively work towards to ensure the sustainability of people, the planet and peace. Read more to be informed, support GNDR and participate.

The vision is a world free of poverty, hunger, and disease, where all life can thrive without fear. States have the primary responsibility to achieve these goals and the targets that fall underneath them, and Heads of States formally signed up to them on the 25th-27th September. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are accompanied by the Finance for Development Agreement, which outlines how the goals will be implemented. Discussions are now ongoing around how the SDGs will be monitored.

How is GNDR involved?

  • With 10 other networks, GNDR contributed to a joint statementpdf on the need for the Financing of Development Agreement to provide additional funding for DRR and for all development funding to incorporate resilience.
  • With Oxfam, the Overseas Development Institute, OECD and the Bond DRR Group, GNDR is working to ensure that the right indicators are included within the SDGs to measure the extent to which communities and buildings are resilient. Read ODI’s paper on a more fit for purpose resilient indicator for the SDGs and the input GNDR provided to the open consultation on SDG indcators.
  • GNDR has been pushing for a joint monitoring framework between the SDGs, the Sendai Framework for DRRpdf, and the UNFCCC Climate Change Agreement, recognising the linkages between these agendas. We hope that Frontline will be able to provide insight into local level progress on resilience development by measuring absorptive capacity (DRR) adaptive capacity (climate change), and transformative capacity (SDGs/development). Read more about Frontline and the opportunities for its use as a joint monitoring tool here.

We are keen to hear about what our members are doing in relation to the SDGs. Please get in touch by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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