Reality Checklist for Impact at the Frontline


Reflecting on UNISDR's reviews of the HFA, as well as GNDR's Views from the Frontline review of progress at the local level, this Reality Checklist highlights 10 essentials for local level impact.

Can we make sure that the HFA2 has an impact at the frontline?

We can enhance impact if we:

1. Understand local perspectives of risk 
Listen and understand the experiences of people most at-risk

2. Consider the local context
Recognise the real life challenges of fragility, insecurity, and informality

3. Leave no one behind
Ensure the inclusion of all groups, particularly those most at-risk

4. Collaborate
Work with and across all groups and levels

5. Mobilise local resources
Build on existing capacities, knowledge and other sources of resilience

6. Align across policies
Ensure coherence across development and climate change activities

7. Hold people to account
Ensure accountability to local communities

8. Learn from the past and look to the future
Learn lessons and recognise future trends to inform recovery and development planning

9. Be environmentally aware
Recognise, protect and strengthen the functions of ecosystems

10. Recognise the potential of civil society
Actively work with civil society to achieve these essentials 

How can I participate?

  • In the run up to, during, and after the WCDRR in March, GNDR will be working to build support for these 10 essentials. In particular we want GNDR members to lobby with their national governments to utilise the checklist when designing their implementation plans. Share your stories of lobbying with governments on the GNDR Advocacy Facebook Group.
  • Have a reality check with your partners. Use the Reality Checklist to develop and assess implementation strategies for the Post-2015 DRR Framework.


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