Sendai Spring

Sendai Spring is an action-oriented campaign on turning risk to resilience. It breaks down global frameworks for local action, to make them relevant to you. GNDR has partnered with Asian member network ADRRN to help with global dissemination of the campaign.


The campaign

2015-16 are the years when the world will determine its future path.

In March 2015, global leaders signed the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR). For the first time, it sets targets; acknowledges that risks go beyond natural hazards; and highlights the role of various stakeholders, particularly local civil society.

Four other agreements will be signed over the next year; on climate change, sustainable development goals, humanitarian action and financing. Together, they cover various aspects of the risks that we face.
Yet, these broader concepts need to be translated into locally relevant and interconnected action.

Sendai Spring aims to do just that.

How is Sendai Spring going to achieve this?

Through events, social media posts and outreach, the campaign aims to break down global frameworks; and encourage countering local risks with local action. The campaign is formed by several components:


De-mystification and wide circulation of SFDRR to improve understanding among various stakeholders. Watch the Youtube video "Reducing disasters: Sendai Framework for DRR (2015-2030)" prepared specifically for the campaign.


Voices from across the world telling how they commit to deal with their greatest risks.

Because all of us deal with risk every day. this part of the campaign asks people to name their greatest risk from the options provided through a form or online in the web and to write their commitment to reduce the risk, including posting a picture or a video along with their risk and commitment!


The campaign also aims to gather and share stories of local level action on increasing community resilience.


The campaign wants to create linkages with other upcoming frameworks through outreach including the World Humanitarian Summit. the Sustainable Development Goals and COP 21 to help ensure that local action is cohesive and not done in silos.

How can you participate?

GNDR members can contribute in three ways:

  • Organising events / activities
  • Collecting voices and commitments
  • Documenting innovative resilience action


You can easily incorporate Sendai Spring in any of your events/activities linked to disaster risk reduction. You do not need to organise an event exclusively for ‘Sendai Spring’ (but we will not complain if you do!). It can be easily integrated into already scheduled events, since campaign provides all the materials. Some examples of events include: Local / national consultations | Activity-based events for communities | Activity-based events for children or schools | Events based on anniversaries of major disasters | Dialogue with communities.

The campaign provides a Sendai Spring Flyer and a Standee/Banner, available in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic. There is also an "event template" to record the details of your event. Guidance notes for usage and support are also available together with the materials..

Collecting voices and commitments

During events, or as a separate activity, partners can encourage individuals to collect voices from different members of the community including: Women; Men; Children; Elderly; People with disabilities; Socio-economic groups according to local realities. Individuals only need to complete the My Risk, My Commitment response card (provided in the campaign kit) naming their greatest risk and writing a few words about how they plan to reduce that risk.

Documenting innovative resilience action

Also during events, or as a separate activity, partners can gather from individuals and communities innovative resillience stories that will be shared later on during the campaign. The type of threat/risk addressed by the innovation in the stories shared can be any including environmental, social, financial, basic needs, physical infrastructure, governance or other threats. What is important is that the initiative is innovative!

To facilitate the practicalities of collecting and sharing stories, Sendai Spring provides the template-form Our innovative resilience story that makes the task of recording the innovation and the changes it has brought much easier, along with a way to include images, quotes and other details.

6 easy steps to take part in Sendai Spring

  • Download the zipped Sendai Spring info pack in your language, from those available in the downloads section
  • Visit the Sendai Spring website: www.sendaispring.net for more information, updates and additional languages
  • Add Sendai Spring to one or more of your future events, if possible
  • Collect voices and commitments to reduce risk using My Risk, My Commitment response card
  • Collecting stories of innovation on resilience using the template-form Our innovative resilience story.
  • Share the responses and stories, inclusding photos with Ms. Vijayalakshmi | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


To submit your inputs or for more details or questions about the Sendai Spring campaign, please contact Ms. Vijayalakshmi | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Info packs

This is where you start: download below the info pack for your language. Other languages wil be added as translations become available:

Individual downloads, links, social media

Campaign partners

The following partners have commited time and resources to this campaign.

Logos of the 11 partners of the campaign


An easy-to-understand view of the new global framework on disaster reduction. Credits: Sendai Spring campaign

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